The She Is Wild urban retreat


Some things come to you just when you need them. As I rolled through the doors of the lovely Jayne Rusby’s She Is Wild urban one-day retreat a couple of weekends ago I was so tired and distracted by everything going on in life – street food, nutrition school, getting everything covered and sorted and ticked off the list by the time we head for Costa Rica before Christmas – that I could hardly stay awake, and wondered why I had booked up a free Saturday in the first place. All I wanted to do was curl up on one of her mats with a big snuggly rug and sleep all day like I was eight again.

And in fact, I did quite a lot of that, and no one minded in the least. But I also did so much more and I honestly left feeling like a new woman. I have been on many powerful yoga retreats before – you may have read about Margherita dal Pra‘s wonderful ones from an earlier post – but this was a different, less physical, more deeply relaxing sort of day that I wouldn’t normally have gravitated towards and it happened to be everything I needed at that point in time. I love it when life works out like that.

Jayne is a kundalini yoga teacher, a hugely talented vegan free-from cook and a passionate believer in the power of women of all ages and walks of life getting together and sharing their truths. And how rare it is that we do that. I have three beautiful sisters and so many close girl friends, but rarely can I find a whole day to sit and communicate freely in a lovely space with delicious food and someone telling me exactly what they want me to do to open me up and make me feel great.

Sorry guys, no room for you here.


She combines calming relaxation techniques with guided discussions and kundalini-inspired sequences to create a fun but relaxed day that is both energising and exciting, and deeply restorative. Some days in yoga I cant wait for shavasana and the whole day felt like the best one ever. The focus is very much on de-stressing in spite of modern life and as we all made friends and explained how we were feeling as we arrived, it seemed every one of us was feeling burnt out and less energised than we would like after a busy year living the crazy London life.

I think this level of stress seems to be more omnipresent, and less avoidable, than ever before, whatever your profession, and it really struck me how valuable and important the work people like Jayne are promoting is. For while we can look after our diets beautifully with super boosting foods and nutrient-packed recipes, and our bodies with workouts or yoga or running, and even our minds with meditation and study, often our little inner voices of honesty and togetherness get squashed by the noise of the city and we need a helping hand to get them back.

Oh – and some properly good food. Lunch was celebrated with beetroot, coconut and lime soup, broad bean hummus and paleo bread, kale, pear, walnut and tahini salad, fresh heirloom carrots and roast butternut and quinoa. And some killer coconut palm sugar dairy-free chocolate – Jayne is my kind of health food fanatic. I slept for a good while after eating more than my fair share, and no one minded a bit. That, to me, is a brilliant kind of freedom; have since tried it out at Rainbo headquarters but it doesn’t quite fly.




As the day rolled into darkness and we scraped ourselves off the floor after the final relaxation, I felt so happy to have put my life on hold for long enough to really go somewhere important. I can’t recommend Jayne’s retreats highly enough and if you’re around in London on January 11th, spaces for her next one are still available. In all honesty, the food is so delicious, it is reason enough to sign up and happily hand yourself over to the talented Ms Rusby – relaxation queen and earth mumma extraordinaire.




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