Introducing the Goddess Diaries: Women’s Wisdom

As it sit at my laptop in the forest in Costa Rica with the soothing song of the cicadas filling my senses and my soul, there couldn’t be a better time to introduce a new section on the blog dedicated to women’s wisdom, unleashing our goddess nature and what it means to be female, in person and as a collective on planet earth, in the twenty first century.

The deeper I delve into this work, and the further I tread along the path of self enquiry, the clearer the need to tap into my feminine core has become. And looking around me in London and beyond, I know I am not the only one looking to explore what this means, how we can connect as sisters and step fully into our womanhood together in a gentle, curious and playful way. Through retreats, workshops, social media and the beautiful serendipity of life, I have collided with some amazing women over the past few years and it has been a long-term dream and vision to gather all our knowledge, insight and experience into one beautiful place, always growing, always expanding – a sacred online space devoted to nourishing and nurturing our inner goddesses and communing with the divine feminine in us and around us. Too long this has gone ignored, been buried, wandered out of sight, and there is a world of wealth that can touch every corner of our lives when we tap into the power of our beautiful and unique feminine energy.

And so it is with enormous excitement, humility and love that I introduce the Goddess Diaries on The Naturalista. The space will be held by my sisters from all walks of life, and here I want to overturn and explore every stone on the path to womanhood and goddess nature, and find out what lies beneath. No taboos, no doctrines, no judgment here: just a curious enquiry into what it means to be a woman and a space in which we can connect together and share experiences, insights, joys, pain, reflections and wisdom. It is when we come together and connect with honesty that the magic and growth can really happen.

And in the not too distant future I hope this virtual space will manifest in the physical… plans are afoot and the sisterhood will unfold. For now I leave you in the capable hands of our first wonderful voices.

With love and light,

Xochi x

Image credit: Robin Lea Quinlivan – ‘What Was Given’, We’moon 2016

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