Tantra retreat, October 24-28

THE MAGIC OF TANTRA: emotional wisdom and alive intimacy, October 24-28 2018, 42 Acres, Somerset

Join us win the beautiful lands of Somerset for this life changing four-day workshop exploring emotional wisdom and alive intimacy with our dear friends and teachers, Karam and Raaji.

Love, relationships and sexuality are important issues in our lives and essential aspects of our own process of growth as individuals.

As we mature emotionally, we often begin to yearn for more presence – with ourselves, in the way we meet each other, and in our sexuality. Tantra invites us to bring awareness to these areas, to heal old wounds and to relax in ourselves with what is. By healing and integrating childhood conditioning, painful or traumatic experiences and misunderstandings about our sexuality, our life force can flow more freely and express itself more spontaneously.

This workshop will open a safe, respectful and healing space for you to explore and experience the holistic and life-affirming tantric way, individually and as part of a group. You will experience techniques from both old and new traditions, woven together with various exercises, meditations and rituals and will take us on an inner and outer journey over four days. They will enrich our communication and deepen our physical, energetic and emotional sensitivity, as well as the conscious connection to ourselves and others.

To be in touch and intimacy with another, and stay authentic and relaxed within ourselves, is a constant dance with our boundaries. When we learn to get into a deeper contact with our boundaries, and to express them honestly, we feel secure to invite love in and experience deep connection. The Tantric principle of cultivating and circulating sexual and love energy deepens the connection between lovers. It enriches intimacy and sexuality, and nourishes the heart and soul. And to love consciously is an art, and a living adventure in which we learn what trust is, so that we can stay with an open heart and take responsibility for ourselves. The magic of tantra teaches us how intimacy and sexuality can be one of life’s most fulfilling gifts, always leading us back into the present moment.

This workshop is open to singles and couples. There will be no genital contact or nudity in the group room.


The retreat will take place over four days and evenings, held at the magical 42 Acres in Somerset. We will be nourished inside and out with delicious vegetarian food from their talents chefs, and immerse ourselves in their beautiful outdoor and indoor spaces, including a stunning purpose built yurt and healing natural landscapes.

Pricing (per person – includes all group work, accommodation and food):

Dormitory: £545

Small Twin: £545

Standard Twin or Double: £725

Twin or Double Ensuite : £795

Own Private Room: £945

Super King Ensuite: £995

The retreat will open on the Wednesday evening and close on Sunday after lunch.

– email xochirosemoon@gmail.com for info and bookings –


“Raaji and Karam truly embody what it means to be each others Twin Flame.  I was fascinated how seamlessly they wove together their Tantra teachings, it was as if there was only one continuous voice.  Their honest love for themselves, each other and the collective was immediately felt by me.  Having lived in New York City for most of my adult life and then traveling around the world, it was extremely important for me to feel safe and held while exploring the practices of Tantra for the first time. Gratefully, Raaji and Karam are well aware of the importance of people’s need for safety and they held a space that allowed for exploration, growth, nurturing, comfort and fun!  

I am blessed to have experienced special moments with these two magnificent teachers and practicing what they have shared has brought my consciousness, expression and feelings of love to whole other dimension.” – Joy

“Raaji and Karam not only provided a beautiful introduction into the art of Tantra but demonstrated an expansive, divine, and wholly embracing way to lead life. Their workshop encompassed everything from partner work to exercises with solely the self: a component so crucial to wake up the body and soul and to learn all the ways they say hello. This workshop empowers the individual with knowledge and instruction while also encouraging acceptance for the entire process within oneself and uncovering the conditioning that can hide the deep knowing each of us have. Raaji and Karam create a sacred and holy space with their presence and knowledge that allows the open individual to flourish, shift, and grow within themselves and those around them. If any person has even the smallest inclination that this workshop might be for them, my advice would be to trust, let go, and say yes.” – Becca

“I’ve attended a few workshops with Raaji and Karam and I would highly recommend anything that they do. The Tantra 2 workshop was hugely warm, deep, playful and definitely boundary pushing, but in a very safely held space. There is something special about the dynamic that Raaji and Karam have together. It invites masks to drop, vulnerabilities to surface and genuine growth to happen.” – Nick

Raaji is a trained bodyworker and therapist, specialising in trauma healing by Dr. Peter Levine, and a Reiki master and singer/songwriter.

She is also a trained teacher in contemporary dance and leads trance dance and therapy groups. In the Amazon, she studied with curanderos and continues to learn from the grandmothers and grandfathers of South America, exploring their shamanic knowledge and earth-based way of living. All these different elements of healing, therapy, art, movement and expression are creatively woven into the workshops she offers.

Her passion for the healing of the relationship between man and woman, and that of sexuality and intimacy, fuel the renowned Tantra groups that she and her partner Karam have been leading for over 10 years. In addition to that, she also offers workshops just for women. For half the year, they work and live in Pachamama, a spiritual and ecological community in Costa Rica.

Karam  has been successfully working as a therapist since 1990. He is half French, half Vietnamese and after a long time in Pune in India, where he was introduced to the world of Osho and got to know the different aspects of meditation, authentic communication and body-oriented psychotherapy, he continued his education in creative, integrative and systemic psychotherapy, hypnosis and trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing) by Dr. Peter Levine.

He then worked for five years in a psychiatric clinic in Switzerland, and later did intensive work in a home for teenagers in crisis situations, helping them create more stability and self-confidence in their lives. During this time, he also started to lead Tantra workshops in Paris. In 2008 he was eventually invited by Pachamama, a spiritual community in Costa Rica, to lead a Tantra workshop there. Since then, he has been living in Pachamama for half the year, facilitating groups and seminars, including Tantra, Primal Therapy and the Growing in Love Process.

His work opens a pathway to the individual human potential, that lies beyond the limits of our personal history, our conditioning, traumas and beliefs, within each and every one of us.


I am always delighted and honoured to assist this work with my beloved Ben and we look forward to meeting you in this very sacred space. We are available for a phone chat if you would like to know more about the retreat or our experiences with this work.

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