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Spiced tahini and cardamom porridge with sautéed banana

In our little cabina in Costa Rica, from where we have just returned to the depths of winter and are now tucked up in our little woodland home, we cooked simply with organic produce from the local shop. As is always the way, abundant sunshine produces such flavoursome and nutritionally […]

Greece diary #2

This land inspired us so much: deep and rolling Terracotta hills, the scent of jasmine everywhere and endless rays of golden light dropping over the deep blue ocean… our second stop in Greece was tucked away high above the ancient port of Monemvasia. Days here weave themselves seamlessly into one another and the beauty of […]

Greece diary #1

After twelve days in Greece I feel like my whole life has been reset and by way of immortalising the magic we found there I thought I would share the beauty we captured. The intensity and joy of a honeymoon, the majestic mountains of the Peloponnese, the mystical blue sea and […]