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The best gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

A few weeks and multiple batches of cookies ago, my beloved sister Tehya Sky sent me this gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe from California, where she has been making and demolishing them with equal joy and fervour for her household and her friends. She even sent me a photo of […]

3 minute vegan goji chocolates

  Once you start really loving chocolate, no one can take that away from you. Not nutrition teachers, not your escalating grocery bill – nothing. I have been a slave to chocolate since I can remember and sometimes, on long days where your feet barely touch the ground and you shove some […]

Raw pumpkin, cranberry and coconut chocolate

In Costa Rica we got hooked on raw cacao. Unprocessed and in its full superfood power, it basically gets you high. Spiritual cacao ceremonies aren’t for nothing, and the other day, knackered from street food and hankering after something sweet, I decided to have my own London-style one in the kitchen with […]