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Blueberry and quinoa muffins 

This wholefood gluten-free blueberry muffin recipe from my book is full of surprise ingredients including quinoa, chia, oat, apple puree and banana. They are moist, sturdy and delicious, full of protein-building amino acids, naturally sweet and balanced with blood sugar-regulating cinnamon, offering so much more than your average bakery treat; I love […]

Apricot + lemongrass mousse

This little dairy-free mousse is a pretty radical combination of macadamia, apricot and lemongrass. It is simple, nourishing and delicious: on toast, on fruit, straight off the spoon, it makes a refreshing change from good old nut butter, and its exotic flavours transport you immediately so some far flung land […]

Quick tamari Brussels sprouts

  You gotta love Brussels sprouts. Even if only for their resilience and hardiness in the face of so many haters. But mix them with Asian flavours and something magical happens: their comforting cabbagey-ness and their delicate sweetness come together with salty tamari and nutty sesame in a perfect combination […]

Buckwheat, spinach and nutmeg muffins

I love muffins. They remind me of America. And random little train station shacks that used to sell the cellophane-covered blueberry-filled ones that were totally amazing when I was a young journeying teenager. The fact that they had never  seen a real blueberry or vanilla pod, only E numbers and bright blue […]