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Raw lucuma banoffee pies

I love banoffee pie with a lifelong devotion and I know I’m not the only one. Being pregnant seemed to magnify this adoration and one of my main early cravings was for something sumptuously rich and creamy, with some saltiness, some sweetness and two of my favourite flavours of the moment thrown […]

Saffron and honey roast pears

I hope you will forgive my silence over the last few weeks. Writing my book has been such a huge process, one I am infinitely grateful for and throwing myself into in every way imaginable, but it leaves little time for other activities. I have spent most of the days […]

Apricot + lemongrass mousse

This little dairy-free mousse is a pretty radical combination of macadamia, apricot and lemongrass. It is simple, nourishing and delicious: on toast, on fruit, straight off the spoon, it makes a refreshing change from good old nut butter, and its exotic flavours transport you immediately so some far flung land […]

Chickpea and almond butter blondies

Protein packed and without a grain in sight, these chickpea blondies are, I think, my best baked concoction yet. It is so difficult to find easy, tasty vegan and gluten free baking recipes, and ones that manifest straight out of your most humble larder ingredients are truly friends forever. Chickpeas are […]

Raw date and brazil nut whip

  This is the happiest most soulful little creation. I found the recipe scribbled on a notepad from years ago at a friend’s house and was so intrigued. It is a delicious mix between a light fluffy mousse and a thick and creamy nut butter, and the simple flavours of fresh […]

Raw coconut & cayenne chocolate pudding

Having survived five days with Rainbo at Wilderness and moving house two days after, Ben and I unpacked, stuffed our faces at our new local restaurants and hiked in Epping Forest before hopping on a plane to Umbria for ten days of sunshine and peace. It is magical here. Doing […]

Black rice, coconut and mango pudding

  Black rice is my new favourite ingredient. It looks so arresting and mysterious I just want to jump right in to the bowl. This variation on a favourite from my travels in Thailand many years ago is really quick and deliciously simple: rice, coconut milk, mango and rich, butterscotchy, […]

5 minute healthy choc pots

On the weekend Ben, his brother Dan and I went for a long happy walk in Greenwich park, full of ideas and chats and inspiration looking over the city, and came back to their parents’ house starving. Dan whipped up his signature Sunday roast and I was in charge of […]