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Natural lavender and chamomile body lotion bars

Since my main man Benjamin knows his share of sleepless nights and general owling around, I am always on the hunt for intelligent ways to incorporate natural remedies into dymanic everyday skin- and wholefood recipes, to keep things feeling fresh and multiply the methods of approach. I am also vaguely […]

Natural kiwi and papaya face mask

When Ben and I tried this mask I made on the weekend it tasted so good we found it almost impossible not to lick our lips and most of each other’s faces. That can’t be said of most face masks; and to even get one a man is a pretty rare occurrence. If […]

Natural healing, Russian style: Banya No.1

Hanging out at a Rainbo event a few months ago my beautiful friend Alice told me she and her husband Pete were going on a hot date that evening to a Russian spa “where you wear and felt hat and they beat you with birch leaves”. Sign me up! I […]