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Homemade body butter

Two months into motherhood and now, more than ever, I feel my time is rarely my own; the advantage of this is that it is forcing me to strip away anything unnecessary, unhelpful or less-than from my daily routines and rituals – and where any sort of fuss might fall by the […]

Birth and beyond: natural preparations

As we find ourselves at week 29 of pregnancy, preparations are slowly getting underway for the little one’s expected arrival earthside. Alongside a wonderful hypnobirthing course to tend to the psychological journey (more of which later), general nesting and slowly making space in our little cottage for a brand new […]

Giving up shampoo: my journey so far

Two months ago I felt called to try and stop using conventional shampoo. I have long been aware of feeling chained to the hair washing spiral and my dependence on store-bought shampoo has become increasingly at odds with a passionate pursuit of natural alternatives for personal care and beauty products. And yet […]

Mádara organic skincare

I recently discovered Latvian organic beauty brand MÁDARA and when I opened the box of goodness it was love at first sight. The calming aesthetic, inherently rooted in Arctic landscape and influence, and the creative and innovative use of some stellar ingredients (including Nordic forest lake mud, broccoli, blackcurrant and cranberry seed […]

Dreamtime bath melts

  For as long as I can remember, bath time has been one of my family’s most cherished rituals. Come about 6pm, wherever I find myself, I am usually ready to sink into a hot tub and relax and reboot before the evening unfolds. Sometimes (usually) this glorious hot water ceremony segues […]

Nourishing avocado matcha face mask

In an interview on natural skincare recently I found myself drawing many parallels between the way we eat and the way we nourish our skin. Both present an opportunity to more consciously approach the way we feed our body, choose ingredients and approach daily routines; both  require a healthy amount of curiosity, […]

Homemade natural deodorant

I write natural beauty recipes out of a deep-rooted belief that as a collective we need to quit buying endless plastic pots of non-biodegradable chemicals that are damaging our planet, our bodies and our consciousness, and return to a more natural way of living and creating. And few modern cosmetic inventions concern me more than […]

Organic hair colour at Glasshouse Salon

When it comes to natural hair colour, the commitment to holistic living gets a little more testing. Years of peroxide, ammonia and other harsh chemicals have left many a blonde like myself with pretty high expectations on the highlights front. And while a handful of salons might profess to offer […]

Roots & Wings organic beauty

Good organic shampoo isn’t an easy thing to come by and I have tried my fair share, lathering up in a froth of excitement at bath time only to emerge smelling like the forest but slightly bummed out by my limp, sad, greasy locks. Still I persevere and vow not to give […]

Naturalista Organic Skin Food Beauty Bags

In the run up to Christmas it brings me great happiness to announce that I am creating a limited number of organic natural beauty gift sets, fusing beautiful aromatherapy scents with healing ingredients from nature. Pure, fresh, preservative-free and full of powerful goodness. My natural living and skin food journey has […]