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Cacao superfood power balls

Among other great things both spiritual and physical, I have returned from Costa Rica with a serious cacao addiction. Since it is a superfood, and not caffeine or cocaine, I am not worried, and  am embracing the energy and happiness it gives me while I reunite with my Vitamix and return […]

Raw carrot and cinnamon bircher muesli

I had some organic Abel & Cole carrots to use up the other day and I made this recipe for the Free People press day (on the left; the right is raw buckwheat porridge with strawberry compote, coming soon…). It has become a winter morning winner on every level. It is based […]

Raw Christmas cake bites dipped in coconut cacao

I am not usually one to go crazy for Christmas food. My rapt devotion to chocolate is fully trans-seasonal and only intensified by this time of year, and  I don’t really feel drawn to the heavy flavours and textures of stodgy mincemeat or stuffing. In fact, does anyone really? However, I recently concocted these […]

Roast parsnips with yoghurt, chilli and dates

  For me, caramelised roast parsnips are the taste of winter. But often they can reside on the duller side of the Sunday roast plate. In my opinion they need a little sexing up and this recipe adapted from Riverford’s Everyday and Sunday is foolproof, exotic and delicious in equal […]

Quick tamari Brussels sprouts

  You gotta love Brussels sprouts. Even if only for their resilience and hardiness in the face of so many haters. But mix them with Asian flavours and something magical happens: their comforting cabbagey-ness and their delicate sweetness come together with salty tamari and nutty sesame in a perfect combination […]

3 minute vegan goji chocolates

  Once you start really loving chocolate, no one can take that away from you. Not nutrition teachers, not your escalating grocery bill – nothing. I have been a slave to chocolate since I can remember and sometimes, on long days where your feet barely touch the ground and you shove some […]

Miso porridge with avocado and crispy kale

Over at Pura Vida Social Club, as well as the next supper club on November 12 (there are still a few early bird tickets left so quick!), we have an exciting morning-based gathering in the pipeline and it has propelled me to experiment with some more leftfield winter breakfast ideas. […]

Buckwheat, spinach and nutmeg muffins

I love muffins. They remind me of America. And random little train station shacks that used to sell the cellophane-covered blueberry-filled ones that were totally amazing when I was a young journeying teenager. The fact that they had never  seen a real blueberry or vanilla pod, only E numbers and bright blue […]

Raw carrot, zucchini and orange salad

Yesterday, although it was October 1 and I awoke to rainclouds and endless grey skies, the sun came out for lunch and so I whipped up this autumnal salad from my veggie box, captured its bright and beautiful colours, and it felt just perfect for the transition of the seasons. And […]

Mung bean salad with nasturtiums and nigella seeds

This beautiful and easy little salad is the coming together of two timely things: an abundance of bright and delicate nasturtiums in our new front garden, and an even greater abundance of unprepossessing mung beans that have been lurking around the kitchen looking for a cause and a purpose. I rather […]