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Spiced tahini and cardamom porridge with sautéed banana

In our little cabina in Costa Rica, from where we have just returned to the depths of winter and are now tucked up in our little woodland home, we cooked simply with organic produce from the local shop. As is always the way, abundant sunshine produces such flavoursome and nutritionally […]

Saffron and honey roast pears

I hope you will forgive my silence over the last few weeks. Writing my book has been such a huge process, one I am infinitely grateful for and throwing myself into in every way imaginable, but it leaves little time for other activities. I have spent most of the days […]

Vegan oatmeal with vanilla and peach

I adore porridge and always have done since I was a kid. But I think so often it can be really, unthinkably boring. Once you jump into the world of vibrant colourful plant food, flavours and textures take over, and – in my experience at least – what used to really […]

Perfect roast strawberries

At this time of year British strawberries are flooding into the shops and in my opinion one of the best ways to honour this is by roasting them. For me, perfect roast strawberries are neither too sweet nor too tart, but somewhere magical in the middle where you could add them […]