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Coconut and cardamom bounty balls

I promise I will post a savoury recipe soon, but as my 38th week of pregnancy approaches and calories are in high demand, it’s hard not to focus on the infinite rainbow of delectable healthy sweet treats that occupy my mind and days in the kitchen. And they usually involve cacao. […]

Christmas chocolate truffles

These raw chocolate truffles are a delight to make and bursting with the warming flavours of December and all the excitement it brings. I remember creating the recipe for my book during the hot summer months and longing for advent to be upon us so I could taste them in their […]

Goddess Diary #4: womb medicine with Wolf Sister

I recently connected with Tamara, aka Wolf Sister, through a string of wise and beautiful women; the universe slowly sent our steps closer and closer to one another’s until finally this week I received one of her healing Energy Detox sessions at She’s Lost Control. It was an hour of deep relaxation and […]

The perfect cacao shot

My ever deepening love of cacao is no secret. In a ceremony, a chocolate bar, or just as crunchy nibs and beans, the plant is one of my favourite allies and the love goes far beyond mere chocoholism. This adoration and respect was recently compounded by our third trip to […]

Cacao buckwheat porridge

Autumn is arriving and I am so excited. We just spent three days in the forest in Somerset shooting parts of my book and the soft sun and golden leaves,  slowly turning as the mornings get later, were so beautiful.  It was an amazing summer, jam packed full of friends, events […]

Raw vegan chocolate cheesecake

Inspired by raw choc lover Laura Coxeter on the River Cottage show many moons ago, this is one of the first healthy treats I ever cooked and it has since become a nutritonal household recipe. With good reason. Avocado, coconut oil and raw cacao all come together in such simple, […]

Raw pumpkin, cranberry and coconut chocolate

In Costa Rica we got hooked on raw cacao. Unprocessed and in its full superfood power, it basically gets you high. Spiritual cacao ceremonies aren’t for nothing, and the other day, knackered from street food and hankering after something sweet, I decided to have my own London-style one in the kitchen with […]

Raw cacao and cayenne brownies

It’s Easter, I want chocolate, and I have a packet of amazing raw cacao from Costa Rica and a hankering for some Mexican spice. What easier, simpler and more delicious way to bring this all together than with 5 minute raw cayenne and cinnamon brownies? They’re THE BOMB. Happy Easter […]