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Natural dry shampoo

Tomorrow the Rainbo family heads to Wilderness. Ben has already left with the van and I am in charge of bringing up the rear and masterminding easy healthy meals for our hot, sweaty, psyched team of six, that involve minimal prep and the highest vibrations possible when cooked in the back […]

Spiezia organics: super skincare, hand made in Cornwall

Many moons ago, fresh and baby faced, I picked up a jar of Spiezia organic face cleanser in Harvey Nichols and so began my journey into natural skincare. Diving nose first into the super smelling, simple and unfussy pot I felt an unbounded joy at the pure and perfect fragrance of nature’s powerful ingredients, […]

Nourishing lavender and calendula face gel

As I delve ever deeper into the inspiring, exciting and genuinely life-changing world of natural skincare, I am routinely humbled and awestruck by the healing powers of plants for our outsides as well as our insides. This is my first foray into the world of homemade face creams and potions […]

Lavender, rosewater and jojoba hair shine spray

Sometimes, especially in the city, you just need a little pick me up to keep you feeling ace. It can be a little hit of essential oil, a massive green smoothie, or a spritz of freshness to keep your skin and locks groomed on the move. This neat natural spray […]

Nourish organic skincare: a British brand to love

You will know by now how important and exciting I think the emerging world of scientific organic skincare is. Every time I lose myself in my post-bath Antipodes Night Cream ritual, I send a little prayer of gratitude for all the brilliant brands around the world who give us an […]