Summer altar + cacao ceremonies, and the magic of the women’s circle


Dear ones,

It has been some time since I shared here and I am returning, full with upgraded inspiration and learnings, and having had a long enough creative pause to really feel that sense of missing something. As you may intuit, since becoming a mother two and a half years ago, I have been carefully working out where to put my creative energy – attentively exploring which method of sharing what wants to be shared is best, seeing how my own evolution (and our collective one) can interweave harmoniously with our digital evolution, going with what feels good and staying all the while faithfully within the lines of what allows true self expression but doesn’t leave body and mind feeling overspent, overcommitted, thinly spread across screens, pages, circles and the meanderings of daily life.

Social media, newsletters, video, blogs, in-person and even with a trusty pen and paper in a beloved journal from the self to the self – the ways we can share in this exciting age can also feel a little overwhelming. I recently pressed hold on it all, and my daily rhythm in England, to undertake a profound and beautiful training with Awakening Women in Corfu, in the ways of facilitating Women’s Temple. It was a wonderful gift and an initiation that I feel unbelievably lucky to receive. And so I honour teachings coming through that hold a very precious sanctity; threads of wisdom from many traditions and keepers that are asking to be shared, but safely, sensitively, intelligently. And this beloved blog space, evolving as it is from recipes and nutrition, wellness, natural living and now to women’s healing, is one of the spaces in which that feels good and right. Also to honour that journey in the hope (or knowing) that it may inspire those of you finding yourselves in the fire of personal transformation to keep trusting the shifts, keep connecting, keep sharing and know that every twist and turn is part of the divine plan. Even the most random. Because it is, and when we are able to open widely enough to the flow of life, of source, of spirit, of the great mother, the Goddess or however our creator appears to you, we see that every step is part of a perfect and unique path that is shaping us into who we are here to become.

Still with me?

Good! There are sharings to come and I am honoured to undertake the task of being their bridge.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share two upcoming women’s circles and cacao ceremonies that I am holding, which harness the ever-growing magic of the circle setup, which has been such a fundamental part of my own healing and growth. In this dynamic, as sisters, we are all equal, all uniquely honoured, no beginning and no end, nowhere to go and nothing to be: the circle holds us as a living archetype and energy. In my recent newsletter I shared more deeply about this: the essence being that when we gather in this way that we always have as sisters, a very powerful shakti force field is opened and it is within this safe and activated boundary that we can heal on many different levels. It’s a living breathing being and each sister brings their own medicine and gifts. And while my online women’s mentoring has been providing some precious jewels, I feel more than ever as our screens suck up pour prana and our days, that it is also vital to continue to gather in person to be in each other’s presence; to share, touch, comfort, reflect and nourish one another is the most powerful medicine of all.

Through the Dream Weaving workshop framework which came to me some months ago, we use cacao as an ally in opening our hearts and bodies, reconnecting to mama earth and our inner seat of knowing. Through movement, meditation and thoughtful practices, we come together in a space of opening and self expression and together create an altar as a collective prayer or intention. It’s gentle, loving, nourishing and unifying and work that I am devoted to sharing.

Join us:

July 28th, Frome, Somerset, 2.30-5pm 

August 3, Wilderness Festival, 4.30pm

And on a last note, if you don’t already subscribe to my newsletter, please do – here and there, I will be sharing in more depth than social media for as long as it feels good – that said, I am really enjoying working through video on IGTV so won’t disappear from there either 🙂

Thank you for your company and support and here’s to the next phase of individual, collective and planetary transformation.


Xochi x





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