Sacred Space: Return to Self workshop, November 27

Join Ben and me for an afternoon of decompression and restoration as we let go of stress, tension and the busy mind and explore new tools to return to our true vibrant selves. After spending the last two years diving deep together on the road from over-stressed burnout back to vitality, we are excited to offer this workshop where we will explore our relationship to stress and practise ways to quieten the noise of the mind, reconnect to our creative centre and experience the beauty and abundance of the present moment more fully.

With the growing demands of 21st century life, more and more of us are living out our days in a heightened state of stress, getting trapped in fight or flight mode and navigating work, home and online life at a pace our physical and emotional selves cannot sustain long-term. With the resulting fatigue and emotional unrest, it can be hard to stay connected to our essence: the sacred self-love and authentic individuality that lies within the heart of each of us. In this afternoon workshop, we will explore both the mechanics of stress and fatigue and how they affect the emotional and psychological landscapes, offering practices and tools with which to shift our mindsets and discover a sacred space in which to soften, relax and flow more freely with energy and trust.

In a small and intimate group, we will:

  • look at the mechanisms of stress within the body and its effects on our physical and emotional systems as a whole
  • explore lifestyle and nutritional aids in helping combat the stress response and these effects in everyday life
  • practise gentle meditation, communication and self-inquiry tools to strip away unhelpful judgments, expectations and internal dialogues, and sink more deeply into where we are at in the present moment
  • explore free creative expression through painting as a key to experiencing ourselves more freely and authentically
  • be nourished by delicious superfoods and grounding winter elixirs

Tickets cost £50 (£40 early bird) and can be booked here.


1-6pm, Coate Studios, London, E2 9AG

With love,

Xochi and Ben x

Image: Rahel Weiss, The Naturalista: Nourishing Recipes to Live Well

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