Xochi Ben sacred space

“Both you and Ben created such a nurturing and beautiful environment. I feel so blessed to have witnessed and heard such inspiring and honest voices. My heart is singing with a little more joy today. Thank you xxx” – Antonia

“Thank you for the wonderful experience! I felt so relaxed and peaceful after the retreat. It was an amazing and loving group and really positive energy. Pure bliss.” – Ivona

“Thank you both for creating such a warm, accepting and freeing space. It really was like a womb of sorts… a healing cocoon. I felt like I stepped out of linear time and emerged rejuvenated and alive. So thank you.” – Sabah

“A huge thank you for such a magical Saturday.  It was so special and nurturing to spend the day with you and Ben and your lovely people. You created that sacred space for us to feel completely relaxed. That kind and warm environment was really just what I needed. I left feeling light and inspired again.” – Gaby

Sacred Space™ is a series of one-day, evening and weekend retreats held by myself and my husband Ben, where we can come together in a nurturing space of honesty and calm to meditate, meet new friends, share where we are at and dive a little deeper into our inner landscapes.

Together with a small group of collaborators, we hold intimate circles which allow participants to leave the stresses of the outside world behind, turn their attention to the heartspace and explore new techniques to cultivate a sacred space both within and without. The groups are small and an opportunity to share whatever we are experiencing in life with honesty, and to be heard and supported there. Elements of guided meditation, movement, voice work and sharing weave the day together, with a nutritious homemade lunch and plenty of relaxation time in between.

We hold the groups over one or more days to allow time to really drop into the space and rejuvenate, as well as dive a little deeper into the self, slowly peeling back the layers and really switching off from the busy London frequency. No experience of meditation or therapeutic workshops is required, and the space is open to anyone. It is our privilege and joy to hold the retreats and come together with new friends on a deeply nourishing and inspiring level.

Spaces are limited and full attendance is required.

Our next retreat is on June 24: The Wisdom of the Body

Ben and I are excited to be returning to the group space in June with an afternoon workshop, dedicated to unveiling and exploring the Wisdom of the Body.

When we tune in to our bodies and our physical landscape, we open the door to profound discoveries and opportunities for healing. The body keeps the score and when we allow it to release what no longer serves us, and open itself up to play, celebration and flow, we experience a wholeness so often lacking in our everyday lives, so heavily led by the mind and constant “doing”.

Emerging from some of the most important and life-changing weeks getting to know baby Sasha, and having developed a new and ever-evolving relationship with my own body, it feels like a ripe time to explore the wisdom we hold within the physical self, allowing sacred time to be rather than do, flowing together in curiosity and fun, and uncovering the many ways in which true embodiment can help us navigate our lives and relationships with more intuition, awareness and love.

Over the four hour workshop we will explore:

  • dance and movement
  • friendship, sharing and guided meditation
  • boundaries and relating through the body
  • our energetic field
  • a deeper relationship with our unique physical compass

… and much more as the group magic unfolds. There will also be some cacao shots and snacks to keep us nourished and energised.

The group will take place at the beautiful Reva Yoga, a bright, warm and sacred space which holds this work so well. Sasha will be joining us, offering his own unbounded self expression.

No experience of anything is needed, just bring yourselves and open hearts and minds.

Spaces are limited; tickets cost £50 (£37 for early birds until May 22). and can be booked via Eventbrite.

If you have any questions, get in touch via and I will be happy to connect.

With love

Xochi + Ben x

The Beauty Way: Awakening the Feminine, with Xochi and Raaji, August 4-6

It is with much joy that I am welcoming my magical teacher Raaji to Somerset this summer where we will be holding a very special women’s retreat at 42 Acres from August 4-6: The Beauty Way.

This immersive weekend workshop is an invitation for women to gather together and create a nourishing, sacred space in which we can relax, share and explore – supporting each other in a safe way. Women have always come together to celebrate life and themselves through creating beauty, dancing, singing and sharing: it nourishes our feminine qualities and strengthens our ways of being.

During this time in togetherness there will be also space for self refection, inquiry, inner processes and healing, for creativity, expression and finding new inner resources. To deepen an intimate relationship with ourselves and the fullness of life, we bring more awareness to our bodies; allowing ourselves to become more sensitive, receptive and open brings us in deeper contact with the flow of our authentic essence and natural sensuality. Our bodies hold a deep wisdom and untamed intelligence that, once plugged into, enrich our life and keep us radiant, healthy and empowered. They also create an alive bridge to being and resting in the present.

Connecting to mother earth and the elements and meeting nature in the beautiful land of 42 Acres will enrich and deepen our experience; we hope you feel welcomed to join us in this quality time together, to embark on a fresh and touching journey and let your spirit expand into more abundance and your female beauty.

About Raaji

Raaji Dessena is therapist, healer and artist. She is trained in several modalities, including different types of body and healing work, trauma healing (after P. Levine), Gestalt therapy, energy work, continuum movement and yoga, and she is a Reiki Master. She has spent time in the Amazon where she studied with Curanderos, and is also learning from the grandmothers of South America about their way of living, praying and healing. She is also a trained dancer and movement teacher, a musician and painter.

Raaji lives 6 month a year in Costa Rica in the community Pachamama where she holds Tantra, healing and movement groups, both alone and together with her partner Karam. She also leads healing and prayer ceremonies and singing events. Working with people for over 25 years individually and in groups gives her a rich and varied experience as a therapist, and continues to nourish her passion for sharing and expressing the abundance and depth of her own healing journey, of creativity and the path that she is walking in this life.

Raaji’s main focus is to provide a safe space in which everyone can explore, uncover and expand into an inherent and authentic flow with themselves and with life. Her work is known for its honest integrity, gentle yet profound healing, and authentic and embodied empowerment.

“Raaji is not just a good group leader, a musician or a therapist, she’s all in one and more than that. She’s a healer. Her presence makes you feel safe, feel seen, feel light. Her voice is going straight to the heart, directing light to the dark corners of your being, bringing joy. Through her love and her sensitivity it’s so easy to open up to the mystery of healing, even if it is painful at times… with Raaji next to you it’s easy to trust and let it happen and for sure you will end up with a smile on your face that comes from deep within.”


Booking information

Prices per person (includes all group work, food and accommodation):

One bed in a three bed dorm: £350

Twin or double room with shared bathroom: £395

Twin or double room with ensuite bathroom: £425

Deluxe master ensuite: £500

​(Except for the dorm, these prices are based on two people sharing a room; to take a double room on your own will be an additional £150).​

Travel is not included.​

You can see photos for the rooms here: Prices per person (includes all group work, food and accommodation).

To book and for more information, email

In order to secure your place, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price to be paid immediately, with the remaining balance to be paid by July 14. 

In the event of cancellation, should you wish to cancel before July 14, any money you have paid less the deposit will be refundable. After July 14, there is no refund and the place is non-transferrable.
Artwork by Raaji