Sacred Space clarity breathwork retreat, June 18

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After another beautiful, heart-opening circle on Saturday, we are so happy to announce the next Sacred Space day retreat on Saturday June 18 in collaboration with our friend and breathwork healer, Sati Katerina. We have spent extensive time with Sati in the Costa Rican forest, both receiving her extraordinary healing in breath work sessions, and holding space together in tantra and meditation work.

She is trained in clarity breathwork, and we are honoured to have her in London for one special Sacred Space circle in east London. Together we will gently dive a little deeper into our inner landscapes, using the breath as a tool to connect more deeply to ourselves and our inner wisdom.

About Sati and the group:

Sati (M.A. in performing arts) has been on a path of healing and meditation for more than 20 years. She is a practitioner of Cranio-sacral Biodynamic therapy, Reflexology, Counselling and Clarity Breathwork therapy. She is trained as a Gurdjieff Sacred Movements teacher and meditation leader, and has held awareness & movement groups and individual therapy sessions for the last 12 years in Europe, UK and in Costa Rica.

“Clarity Breathwork is a safe and gentle method using an ancient technique of connected circular breath that supports you to access your own internal healing energy. From this place, you can experience a powerful shift in yourself and your life experience. Most of us don’t breathe fully; we hold back the breath and have been doing so most of our lives. When we start to breathe fully and consciously, we are easily able to release what we have been holding and open to an incredible expansion of consciousness, including greater forgiveness and self-love. This inner change brings about shifts in our outer lives for the better.

Group sessions provide the power of the group breathing together with the intention of healing, growth, understanding and acceptance of self and what is. As the group drops into their session together, energy builds, and a sense of individuality can soften and connection can deepen. One person releasing can support another energetically to relax and let go.

This breathwork is one of the purest and most effective techniques to release stress and tension, heal and resolve trauma, and awaken your vital life energy. The breath opens the space to recognize our deepest beliefs that we carry within us and that influence our present life and relationships, and this brings deep healing and peace.”

You can find testimonials, more information about the retreats and book tickets here.

We feel deeply honoured to hold this space in London, and hope to see you in the circle soon.

Xochi and Ben x



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