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Good organic shampoo isn’t an easy thing to come by and I have tried my fair share, lathering up in a froth of excitement at bath time only to emerge smelling like the forest but slightly bummed out by my limp, sad, greasy locks. Still I persevere and vow not to give in and put an SLS on my head.

In a serendipitous little happening, when we went to Costa Rica in January and my beautiful friend Saskia stayed at our house, she left a little bottle of magic behind by a company called Roots & Wings and since I first picked it up, we have blossomed together into a full blown hair washing romance. And now Ben can’t put down their hand cream for more than ten minutes and we are both wafting around London in a cloud of ylang ylang, lavender and chamomile.

Things could definitely be worse.

Roots & Wings, which had me at hello with such a perfect name and the prettiest bottles you’ll find, is a small British company who are intent on making products that “give families natural, hand made, really wonderful products using what mother nature gifted us”.

I caught up with them to find out more about their story and wanted to share the ethos behind this really inspiring and lovely homegrown goodness.


According to the lovely Olivia, “The name Roots & Wings is born out of the adage ‘the best things in life you can give your children are roots for stability and confidence and wings for aspiration’. We’re utterly mindful of the responsibility to provide all the family with products that are good for the body – both inside and out – that have integrity and can be trusted”.

All their products are organic, natural, hand made and crafted with passion, using their favourite traditional methods & recipes. “Capturing the essence of mother nature’s organic flora and fauna has been the inspiration for the Roots & Wings body care collection. Made in Kent, the small team of experts lock in the finest natural ingredients from plants, herbs and fruits to make the very best natural bath and bod care products.

Knowing how our skin drinks in the products we put on it, this pure collection not only nourishing the skin gently but also eases the mind by using only natural ingredients”, says Olivia. Their collection spreads to jams, chocolates, biscuits, traditional sweets, condiments, Christmas goodies and the hair and body care range – I have tried their chocolate and ginger biscuits before and they’re as magical as the shampoo.

I am always drawn towards eclectic brands who go beyond the prescribed framework to exactly where their hearts lead them, and these guys do exactly that. In a strong mirroring of what we do with Rainbo and our Food for Freedom initiative, they also give back to the world around them, donating 10% of their profits to charities concerned with the needs of children and on their website you can vote for which. If every new business tried the same we could really make a big shift.

Go wash your roots, grow your wings and know that you’re doing a good thing.

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