Women’s retreat: The Beauty Way – Nourishing the Feminine, August 4-6

It is with much joy that I am welcoming my magical teacher Raaji to Somerset this summer where we will be holding a very special women’s retreat at 42 Acres from August 4-6: The Beauty Way.

This immersive weekend workshop is an invitation for women to gather together and create a nourishing, sacred space in which we can relax, share and explore – supporting each other in a safe way. Women have always come together to celebrate life and themselves through creating beauty, dancing, singing and sharing: it nourishes our feminine qualities and strengthens our ways of being.

During this time in togetherness there will be also space for self refection, inquiry, inner processes and healing, for creativity, expression and finding new inner resources. To deepen an intimate relationship with ourselves and the fullness of life, we bring more awareness to our bodies; allowing ourselves to become more sensitive, receptive and open brings us in deeper contact with the flow of our authentic essence and natural sensuality. Our bodies hold a deep wisdom and untamed intelligence that, once plugged into, enrich our life and keep us radiant, healthy and empowered. They also create an alive bridge to being and resting in the present.

Connecting to mother earth and the elements and meeting nature in the beautiful land of 42 Acres will enrich and deepen our experience; we hope you feel welcomed to join us in this quality time together, to embark on a fresh and touching journey and let your spirit expand into more abundance and your female beauty.

About Raaji

Raaji Dessena is therapist, healer and artist. She is trained in several modalities, including different types of body and healing work, trauma healing (after P. Levine), Gestalt therapy, energy work, continuum movement and yoga, and she is a Reiki Master. She has spent time in the Amazon where she studied with Curanderos, and is also learning from the grandmothers of South America about their way of living, praying and healing. She is also a trained dancer and movement teacher, a musician and painter.

Raaji lives 6 month a year in Costa Rica in the community Pachamama where she holds Tantra, healing and movement groups, both alone and together with her partner Karam. She also leads healing and prayer ceremonies and singing events. Working with people for over 25 years individually and in groups gives her a rich and varied experience as a therapist, and continues to nourish her passion for sharing and expressing the abundance and depth of her own healing journey, of creativity and the path that she is walking in this life.

Raaji’s main focus is to provide a safe space in which everyone can explore, uncover and expand into an inherent and authentic flow with themselves and with life. Her work is known for its honest integrity, gentle yet profound healing, and authentic and embodied empowerment.

“Raaji is not just a good group leader, a musician or a therapist, she’s all in one and more than that. She’s a healer. Her presence makes you feel safe, feel seen, feel light. Her voice is going straight to the heart, directing light to the dark corners of your being, bringing joy. Through her love and her sensitivity it’s so easy to open up to the mystery of healing, even if it is painful at times… with Raaji next to you it’s easy to trust and let it happen and for sure you will end up with a smile on your face that comes from deep within.”


“Raaji holds the kind of space that allows me to open into full radiance in the most authentic and grounded ways. She leads with deep connection and resonance at the same time as keeping things really fun and light. So much healing in these workshops!”
“Raaji is one of the most powerful teachers and healers I have had in my life. In her presence I feel completely loved and accepted even in areas I find difficult to appreciate. She has the ability to see the beauty in everyone and support them in seeing it for themselves. When doing work with her I feel she is completely present with me, seeing me with gentle eyes of compassion and unconditional love. Her teachings are that of ancient wisdom, the kind that pierces the centre of my being in truth. I have so much gratitude for the healing experiences I have had with Raaji, they have transformed my life immensely. 
Through her facilitation of shamanic trance dance, I discovered the wildness of my connection with spirit. I experienced what it is to be moved instead of doing the moving. Within her container of sacred space I felt safe to explore the expression of my being, no matter its wild form. Through her body flow, I became inspired to listen and learn from the well of wisdom that is my body. I started to allow my body to be the guide on its healing journey, discovering with curiosity all its pleasures. Through individual somatic experiencing sessions I discovered how despite the mental emotional releasing I had done in the past, traumas were still stored in the cells of my being…
In her tantra work, I opened a door to understanding the depth of my own sensuality and sexuality, what it really means to consciously relate to myself, another and spirit. Her music is a healing art in itself, for me its beauty nourishes my spirit in the highest form. Reflecting, I can see that Raaji’s healing work had a profound impact on my life. Helping me to release trauma and rediscover my true nature, stepping into my full power and confidence as a vibrant and radiant woman. From the bottom of my heart, my deepest thanks to Raaji and her healing work in this world. May more lives experience her beautiful bright light as it has lifted mine.”

Booking information

Prices per person (includes all group work, food and accommodation):

One bed in a three bed dorm: £350 (sold out)

Twin or double room with shared bathroom: £395 (15% discount if sharing a double bed)

Twin or double room with ensuite bathroom: £425 (15% discount if sharing a double bed)

Deluxe master ensuite: £500

​(Except for the dorm, these prices are based on two people sharing a room; to take a double room on your own will be an additional £150).​

You can see photos for the rooms here.

Travel is not included.​

To book and for more information, email hello@thenaturalista.co.uk.

In order to secure your place, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price to be paid immediately, with the remaining balance to be paid by July 14.

In the event of cancellation, should you wish to cancel before July 14, any money you have paid less the deposit will be refundable. After July 14, there is no refund and the place is non-transferrable.

Artwork by Raaji


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