RawFest: a decompression from everyday life in the beauty of the New Forest


Next weekend we will head to the magical lands of the New Forest for RawFest: a 3 day celebration of nature, raw living, wellness and vitality in all its different forms.

It will be a much-needed escape from the stresses of the city, and my fast-approaching book deadline (!) and I am really excited and honoured to be speaking on the Sunday about Fighting Burnout with Body and Soul. I will also be playing the singing bowls for the opening and closing ceremonies with Lani Rocillo, and there will be cacao as well ūüôā

RawFest represents all that is nourishing and expansive about the current wellness community, and there are so many amazing speakers, pratitioners and events that encourage a return to nature and community within the whirlwind of modern life… no alcohol, drugs or junk food, just clean living and open hearts and minds; raising the vibration with honesty and curiosity. I will be sharing the goodness on the blog and hope to see some of you there.

Tickets and info are available here.

Love Xochi x 

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