Private sessions

xochi balfour
During my journey into natural living and spirituality over the last few years,  I have gained a wealth of tools and techniques to help us delve deeper into our inner landscape and awaken a space of peace, wellness and awareness. Using a range of practices drawn from eastern and western holistic traditions including Taoism, Buddhism, shamanism and my ongoing diploma in naturopathic nutrition, I have begun to work with individuals to explore spiritual and physical health through an organic and relaxed approach, incorporating complementary aspects of meditation, sound healing, inner enquiry and natural living recipes and tools.

The mind has such a powerful effect on the body, health and overall wellness. The demands of modern life are great and complex and in these informal sessions we explore the different ways in which the individual can reconnect to their true nature and live life from a place of awareness and harmony, inside and out. From here, we are able to better tackle the challenges we face with clarity and intention.

Sessions cost £50 for an hour long consultation and take place at my home in East London. I also carry out one-to-one sound healings with crystal singing bowls.

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