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The herb sauna at Grace Belgravia is the chicest box of wood I’ve encountered. And I love a sauna. And then you float next door to the giant hammam and things just get even better. And then you wallow in a  giant shower and waft back to the restaurant towards a big bowl of creamy quinoa porridge and a cold-pressed juice, and whatever mad city stresses were hovering over you before you set foot in the giant wellness utopia, they’re nothing but a distant vapour by the time you leave.

And so you never want to leave.

Which is what I felt when I was lucky (and needing) enought to be taken for a morning there to experience the full Grace spa effect. And in truth after a weekend of a little retox I needed the detox. The building is luxuriously huge and airy and bright and peaceful, and the female-focused approach gives us girls a feeling of real calm and sisterhood which I realise I would like more of; there are men here and there doing their stuff, but the gentle feminine rules throughout the building, and that is something very special in London and in modern life.


Grace does it all – healthy food, delicious spa time, inspiring talks, gym, yoga and fitness, medical, integrated and alterative healing and generally lounging around. The Cali-inspired menu is super healthy and fresh, with all the gluten free, vegan and raw options you could want after some hardcore pampering, and it is worth a trip there for the food alone – which you can also get to go. There is nowhere I have been as a woman in London and felt so at home and nurtured, and we all need a little of that at some point or another in this hectic modern existence. Not feeling guilty about it is another question altogether but hardly seems relevant once you are under their healing wing and sharing all the good stuff with your likeminded London sisters.


They have a range of memberships, and if you want a taste of the goodness but can’t afford the whole thing their new Supper Club is a great toe in the (hammam) door.

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Next up, I’m trying to drag Ben to Banya No 1 in Old St for some serious Russian healing before the crazy street food summer kicks off…

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