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The best almond milk

Almond milk is the best. I was raised on full fat cow’s milk and have always craved its rich creamy texture in a dairyless alternative. I like to play around with other bases – cashew, rice, sesame and lately a bit of hemp – but almond is my king nut. […]

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Luxdivine handmade jewellery

My good friend and crowned style-sister Alice recently told me about Luxdivine, a US-based handmade jewellery company that makes beautiful bohemian inspired gold, brass and gemstone creations. One look at their earthy druzy, glowing stones and bold naturally-inspired pieces in gold and brass and I was hooked. I have been […]


Cocoface: pure young coconut goodness

Coconut water is taking over the world. No self-respecting health junkie can do without the occasional hit, and with good reason. Coconuts are full of natural electrolytes and minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and chloride – which are lost during exercise and general frenetic excursion – and they provide a […]


Garlic: cloves of power and might

Love it or hate it, garlic is certainly a strong and powerful little plant. While we most often use it for fun and flavour in the kitchen, since Ancient Egypt it has been used for medicinal as well as culinary purposes, its potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it a […]

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Living Nature natural makeup

New Zealand keeps on producing brilliant natural cosmetics and Living Nature is my latest makeup bag addition. Their luscious lavender-infused mascara, to be precise, has become my new best friend. Since I’m not particularly hot on the idea of smothering my lashes and eyelids in chemicals, a mascara that does […]