Nutritional Therapy

 I am really enjoying the process of change your brilliant plan is bringing about for me and I am so very grateful to you. I have found it life changing…

Thank you for all that you do, it really is amazing work and makes such a difference. – Christina

In the whirlwind of modern life, we can fall out of balance both physically and emotionally with increasing ease. On a physical level, there are many strains on our bodily systems and nutritional therapy can provide an effective, natural and non-invasive means of addressing health issues and helping ease physical disorders, chronic conditions and imbalances of many kinds.

Energetically, manifestations such as low energy, high stress, depression, compulsive tendencies, anxiety and underlying feelings of disenchantment and self-judgment often creep in and turn our attention away from the joys and abundance that life has in store for us.

The ongoing demands of a life lived increasingly online, restrictive working hours, and the general pace of 21st century existence can leave us feeling many effects of disharmony, depletion and disorientation. As a Nutritional Therapist, I work with individuals to identify systems under stress, naturally rebalance the inner and outer landscapes and create pathways to feel more energised and empowered in daily life. Fusing naturopathic nutrition, daily ritual and complementary holistic tools, each plan is carefully tailored to encourage a return to optimal wellness, create positive new habits and gain more self-awareness and vitality. In our most aligned state, the body wants to be well: removing the obstacles to this, reassessing the diet and making space for healing, we allow nature to restore us to the best version of ourselves.

As women, we are at a particularly powerful and sensitive time as our collective consciousness demands deep change and healing, and I work with female clients to establish greater flow and harmony within our bodies, honouring our moon cycle and the wisdom it holds.

Session structure

In the initial consultation, we look at the client’s presenting symptoms and aims, and take a thorough personal case to create an overall picture of what needs addressing and possible imbalances (both physical and emotional) and their drivers and causes. I work together with the individual to implement a personalised plan covering various elements of diet, lifestyle and empowering daily practice. We then connect soon after for a minimum of three follow-up appointments; this close way of working together  ensures the optimal integration of lasting and effective change, with full accountability and ongoing support.

A holistic approach to wellness

As much as modern society craves it, there is no one size fits all approach to integrated vitality: each person and their emotional and physical structures are highly unique; with this awareness, each plan is tailored to suit the individual, and work with them at their own pace. Working with a combination of nutritional protocol, holistic lifestyle guidance and bespoke practices to support inner growth, we set the foundations for an achievable plan that takes into account available time, budget, limitations and desired outcomes.

I am currently taking clients via Skype, and at Holistic Health, Broadway Market, E8.

Price: initial 90 minute consultation (either in clinic or online) plus three 30-45 minute follow ups (via Skype): £250

For more information and to book a consultation in London or online, email me at

I am deeply honoured to be of guidance on this exciting journey and I look forward to connecting,


Image: Rahel Weiss, The Naturalista: Nourishing Recipes to Live Well