Nourish organic skincare: a British brand to love


You will know by now how important and exciting I think the emerging world of scientific organic skincare is. Every time I lose myself in my post-bath Antipodes Night Cream ritual, I send a little prayer of gratitude for all the brilliant brands around the world who give us an alternative to the globally marketed chemical pots of nothing that line the shelves of Boots and beyond.

British brand Nourish do what they say on the jar, at a wonderfully viable price, and I want to share their magic. They are a home-grown award-winning company that combine the ideas of Nurture and Nature – intelligent natural blends with mood-enhancing fragrances, tapping into the age old art of aromatherapy as much as skin-loving science. Effective aroma blending is an art I’m pursuing in life and these little pots of goodness are a happy inspiration.

The face behind the brand is the brilliant Dr Pauline Hili, who was technical director at Neal’s Yard for 20 years. She has worked with numerous natural skincare companies before beginning Nourish a couple of years ago. It has slowly but surely filtered down through the shelves and is now widely available in health food stores and online.


Refreshingly for a beauty boss, Pauline is particularly interested in organic supply chains and procuring and researching new ingredients and materials for her acclaimed blends, including signature ingredients such as Apple Water, Kale and East African Shea which are sourced responsibly and with a large research base behind them.   The collection nourishes according each different skin type but Pauline also encourages us not to pigeonhole our dynamic complexions, with skin-boosting Nurture peptide serums to add to your daily routine according to what’s going on inside and out. Just like us, our skin is, after all, forever changing and adapting.



My favourites at the moment is the Argan and Kale Anti-ageing Hand Cream (cooking is fun but my hands are furious) and the Radiance Phyto Active Body Butter. Cold limbs need super protection – and sweet rose smells – as a long rainy winter drags on.

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