New Year’s Blessings

I am sitting in our little abode on our annual travels to Costa Rica and wanted to write and wish you all many blessings and much joy for the year ahead as we say goodbye to the last cycle and welcome in the new one.

Yesterday on New Year I joined my fellow travellers in completing a seven day silence retreat and singing in 2018 sharing songs and prayers in the sweatlodge by the river. Of course, with an eleven month old at the breast, the silence was not constant, but to lay an intense and full year to rest from a space of deep reflection, peace and open-heartedness while supported in this unique work by my wonderful husband was a privilege, and a treat. I feel good things seeding for the months ahead, and am excited to share them with you when they are mature and ready to bring us all together in new and nourishing ways. While we are rooted in the earth, the moon and the river, nature is singing her songs here and guiding us as we navigate new projects and visions. Aided by lots of cacao and juicy papaya 🙂 As our babe grows up fast and I can carve out more time for my own work, I will be happy and inspired to share more here in this space again; I am so grateful for this community and all your friendship and support – especially while I have stepped back to fully honour the first months of motherhood and all they entail.

Here we are spending a couple more weeks immersed in community, meditation and prayer, and being away as a family is a much-needed medicine after the transition into parenthood, and what I know you all feel was a full year with many big rivers to cross, paths to pursue and mountains to climb both personally and globally.

We send much love to you all from the forest, and wishes for peace, presence and love to shower you all as the next year unfolds,

Xochi x

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