Natural newborn baby essentials

I have been meaning to post this for a while; I will put the delay down to the constant process of learning, growing and integration that new motherhood provides. I seem to be swimming in a vast ocean of inspiration and clarity at times, and at others I am just managing to cook dinner with one hand while holding my precious new companion, and completing my daily task list with enough presence and equanimity to feel that both the art of being as well as that of doing are adequately taken care of in this most precious time.

Sasha is now five months old and I wanted to share a few of the consciously-created things that helped me navigate the fourth trimester (or his first few weeks earthside). There are so many wonderful brands out there supporting a natural, ethical and sustainable start to parenthood, and these are just a few things which found their way to me somehow, at times when they came in needed…

Aside from lovely bath time and skin-soft blends, the Solly wrap has been of great use as we devote ourselves to baby-wearing (the benefits and rewards seem to multiply each day), and the silver nipple cups were a life saver that came to me when breastfeeding was so painful – I had tried every cream and balm under the sun but these were the only thing that were fully re-usable, of pure ingredients (sterling silver and breast milk) and healed my skin. Every new mother should be given a pair.

I hope they inspire new mamas and mamas-to-be (or dadas!), more to come as we grow and grow and grow…


Clockwise from left:

Petit Pai Apple Blossom and Mallow Baby Body Wash and Konjac Sponge

Naty Eco Nappies

NHR Organic Baby Massage Oil

Cashmere booties (a gift, and pure heaven)

Organic Shibori Solly Baby Wrap

Breast Angels Silverette Silver Nipple Cups

Organic Babies Nappy Cream Baby Balm

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