Natural lavender and chamomile body lotion bars


Since my main man Benjamin knows his share of sleepless nights and general owling around, I am always on the hunt for intelligent ways to incorporate natural remedies into dymanic everyday skin- and wholefood recipes, to keep things feeling fresh and multiply the methods of approach.

I am also vaguely aware in the back of my mind how many precious hours and pennies I have squandered searching – as i know all my natural living sisters do – for an affordable, indulgent and effective body lotion that is as close to nature’s raw ingredients as is commercially possible, but that goes beyond a quick slathering of olive or coconut oil wandering naked around the kitchen.

And finally, as christmas draws close and I am preparing a run of homemade Naturalista skinfood beauty hampers, there is no better time to test heavenly recipes like these homemade body lotion bars.

They are simple, pure and just a little bit magical. The organic shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax provide skin with almost everything it needs: shea butter, packed with Vitamin A, helps encourage the skin’s natural repair process, healing scars, lines and inflammation; it also provides a natural sunscreen barrier against UV rays and environmental pollution, and its high  phytosterol content stimulates skin cell growth and renewal. Shea butter’s oils closely match those produced by our own sebaceous glands, making it a great natural source of moisturising sensitive skin relief.

Meanwhile, coconut oil’s medium-chain fatty acids help skin retain its moisture and reduce imflammation. Its capric, caprylic and lauric acids also provide antimicrobial and antibacterial protection.

Finally, rich honey-fragranced beeswax is a completely natural emulsifier and thickening agent, and used as such in many natural skincare recipes. It alsp contains Vitamin A and works as a surfectant, further locking in moisture while allowing the skin to breathe.

You can add almost any essential oil you like. I choose lavender and chamomile to calm the mind and encourage a peaceful sleep after a hot bath on cold winter evenings.

The recipe is super simple as all three agents are used in equal parts, meaning you can scale up or down according to quantity.

The hampers will be available to order very soon and I will also be selling them at Makers on December 6. For more info drop me an email.

(Update: you can also substitute almond oil for the coconut oil if you prefer them a little less waxy)

Makes 3 large bars


90g organic shea butter
90g organic coconut oil
90g organic beeswax
20 drops essential oil (I used 10 chamomile,  10 lavender)

In a bain marie, melt all the ingredients together on a steady heat, stirring all the time until the mixture is melted.

Remove from the heat and continue to stir as you allow the mixture to cool a little before you add the essential oil.  This is important as if the mixture is too hot, your fragrance will evaporate and go to waste. I try and leave it until just before it starts to thicken. Then stir in your fragrance and pour into moulds to set.

PS – When you start using beeswax you will discover what a pain it is to clean up. I have a bowl, spoon and brush that I use especially for it and this saves a whole lot of hassle. It’s my little hotchpotch apothecary kit.

Enjoy x


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