Natural healing rituals with Spiezia Organics


One of the most ancient forms of human healing, massage can connect two bodies and souls in a synergy that many western therapies fail to achieve. The physical contact is so powerful and creates such a strong, if temporary, energy – the effects can completely blow me away. And having hauled around an overworked and angry back for years, it is a therapy I hunt down avidly and have known my fair share of.

On Monday, after a long bank holiday weekend and too little sleep, I was lucky enough to be given new life and nourishment at the all-natural, all-fragrant Spiezia spa at Browns Hotel – just when I needed it most, and boy was I grateful.

When I first started this blog I wrote a post about organic beauty brand Spiezia, with a continually inspiring interview with their beautiful founder, Amanda Barlow. While her team have been devotedly whisking away at their herbal lotions and potions in Cornwall, the big smoke has taken note of their magic and they are now the spa specialists at the iconic Browns hotel. A true slice of natural heaven in the middle of the crazy city, and too special not to share: Amanda is a endless source of inspiration for me on my own natural beauty journey.


What her vision brings to every treatment there is a deep understanding of the of ritual alongside her barrage of powerful natural beauty products, and her carefully developed 90 minute Head in Heaven therapy makes for one of the loveliest and most deeply nourishing experiences I have had in a while. Combining Tui Na Chinese massage with her gentle aromatherapy range, it was originally conceived for relaxing patients fighting cancer and is now available to anyone who needs to recharge and realign. (Most of us).

“Skincare is so much more than applying products without any thought. The twice daily cleansing ritual should be used as a time to ‘catch the breath’ and help achieve Mindfulness, being aware of what you apply to your skin and the gift of time” says Amanda. This state of intention, peace and awareness is at the core of the Spiezia Organics experience and that is why I value her vision so highly: the products may be topical but the vision and ethos behind them goes right to the heart.

“Mindfulness is thought to be responsible for the release of good hormonal factors that help keep the telomeres or little caps on the ends of chromosomes in tip top form. Worn away telomeres appear to be linked to rapid cell ageing”, she says.  And as we well know, it is a vital component of fighting illness and regaining optimum immunity when it is compromised: “the body needs to heal and the treat of a daily skincare ritual or a more in depth spa treatment is an important part of the healing and wellness process.”

It is often hard in the whirlwind of our lives to justify spending time and other fleeting resources on what we have so unwisely come to call “pampering”. Amanda’s vision and the treatments she has conceived go far deeper than that, heralding a future where intelligent products and intention-fuelled rituals can heal both body and soul on a profound level.

Never mind that you leave looking ten years younger and feeling endlessly inspired by an amazing woman’s natural beauty mission – that’s just a happy coincidence.

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