Natural dry shampoo


Tomorrow the Rainbo family heads to Wilderness. Ben has already left with the van and I am in charge of bringing up the rear and masterminding easy healthy meals for our hot, sweaty, psyched team of six, that involve minimal prep and the highest vibrations possible when cooked in the back of a lorry.

Challenge undertaken.

More important right now is what to pack and how to glide through the five day stretch in a field. Eyeliner and dry shampoo usually lurk close by. Except – have you ever wondered what the hell is in the can of powder and whether or not it is intelligent to spray your head with its chemicals? I have. With great and increasing concern. Our cross country street food meanderings almost always demand it, and so I have done some research, and found a natural dry shampoo. It is easy, delicious, great value and it works. For blondes, brunettes and even redheads.

The ingredient is arrowroot – a fine powder with a texture like cornflour that absorbs oil and can be found at most health food stores. I got mine in Kentish Town and it was £1 for 100g. The starch comes from the root of the maranta plant, native to the West Indies and South America, and can also be used like cornflour as a healthy thickener in the kitchen. Used with a few drops of your favourite essential oil as a custom-made dry shampoo, it keeps blondes looking fresh straight from the jar. Brunettes might want to add cocoa powder – this works, I have tried for you – while auburn babes can add a little cinnamon gettheir tone up to scratch the natural way. Give it a go and see, I bet you won’t go back to chemicals.

To use it you will need a brush. Ecotools, also available at good health stores, make lovely soft ones from recycled bamboo and aluminium. If you need new brushes, don’t think twice: invest. If we all do we can have a beauty industry that really is beautiful.


75g arrowroot (or as much as you like according to your jar)

8 drops essential oil

Mix the essential oil into the powder, pour into a jar, smell like a flower and shine like a star.

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