Natural beeswax and grapefruit lip balm


I made this simple little lip balm at a natural skincare workshop at Made in Hackney a while ago and the recipe is super quick and a total lifesaver for dry lips, elbows and feet. After a busy summer of non stop cooking in one pair of Birkenstocks or anorher, I find myself slathering it all over my heels at night and the soothing honey and beeswax give them just what they need. Who knew?

As with so many natural skin food recipes, you can add whatever fragrance you like; I love the freedom making your own scented skincare gives you to tailor recipes to your mood. It opens up a whole new world of aromas and essences, and over the last few months I have really enjoyed rootling my way through different brands and flavours of essential oil on my travels around London and beyond. It’s a whole new world and a really juicy one.

In my experience a balm like this usually comes with a tired body so invigorating grapefruit gives a little citrus hit. Each to their own… Go crazy.

It lasts a long time in a clean jar or tin and the only thing to watch out for is not to add the essential oil until the mixture is quite cool, otherwise it will evaporate and you will waste it. Otherwise you can’t really go wrong.


1 tsp beeswax

1 tbsp rapeseed or olive oil

1/2 tsp organic local honey

4 drop essential oil of your choice (go citrus!)

Heat up the wax and oil in a bain marie over hot water. Once the wax has melted and they have mixed together, wait until it is cool enough to comfortably leave your finger in (around 40 degrees) and quickly mix in the honey and essential oil before pouring into a jar or tin to set.

Luscious lips are yours.

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