Miso porridge with avocado and crispy kale


Over at Pura Vida Social Club, as well as the next supper club on November 12 (there are still a few early bird tickets left so quick!), we have an exciting morning-based gathering in the pipeline and it has propelled me to experiment with some more leftfield winter breakfast ideas.

And as autumn hits the city, salty miso porridge with crunchy seasonal kale and light and creamy avocado takes my bleary eyed mornings to another dimension completely. The rich oats and simple fermented salt of the miso are so simple and need nothing more than a little green crunch to make it perfectly nourishing and satisfying.

I love the change in organic offerings as the seasons come round. Purple kale is so vibrant and beautiful and draws my eye to anything it touches. This would also work well with mineral-rich wakame, or you can follow Heidi Swanson and add a little crunchy radish.

A little note on miso – the white one is less salty and the darker ones pack more punch, so go slowly and taste it yourself as you add.

Serves 2

1 cup gluten-free oats

2 cups water

1 tbsp miso paste (or more, depending)

2 slices of avocado

A small handful of kale

A drizzle of hemp or flavourless coconut oil

Sesame seeds to sprinkle

In a pan, gently simmer the oats and water, stirring occasionally, until they are thick and creamy. Meanwhile, shred a leaf or two of kale and gently brown in a pan with a small dollop of oil. Less is more, and if it’s crispy but also a little raw that’s perfect.

Then stir in the miso to the oats, tasting and adding accordingly, chop the avocado and serve it all with some sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Yum.

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