Men’s retreat: Healing the Masculine – a journey to Self Love and Authenticity, August 5-6

Calling all brothers! We are so excited to share that on the same weekend that I am holding The Beauty Way women’s retreat with Raaji, her wonderful partner, therapist Karam Duc Minh, will be holding a men’s weekend with Ben devoted to a playful and profound exploration of the masculine and self-worth. Both will be held in the beautiful spaces at 42 Acres (Somerset for the women and Shoreditch for the men).

What to expect…

Join acclaimed Pachamama therapist Karam Duc Minh and Ben Sheinwald for a two day workshop devoted to nourishing our masculine essence and its relationship to our self worth and self love. In this immersive and experiential group, we will come together as men and explore patterns, themes and tools that can influence our behaviour both as individuals and as a collective.

Yoking body and mind, we will explore:
• how to align with our true purpose in life
• how to move from fear-based limited living to a more pro-active, desire oriented resourced state
• understanding stress: the nervous system, trauma and how to promote healing
• moving from victim to conscious responsible living
• cultivating the masculine essence: presence and awareness
• authentic sexual power
• the dance of masculine and feminine within: the creative flow
• intimacy in relationships and our place alongside women in the world

In this retreat, you will explore many aspects of your life to promote healing and achieve greater clarity, vision and direction.
In the modern age, our roles and identities as men are in constant flux and this can leave us weighed down by a wide range of influences and limitations – separated from our innate essence, strength and purpose.

We will decode these conditionings and look at ways in which we can reconnect to our sense of self, our unique value as men and as human beings, and the immense potential of our physical bodies and sexual energy. Healing past traumas, unpicking fears and limiting beliefs, and returning to a place of flow and surrender, we are able to heal – to become more whole. From here, we can playfully tune in to our unique masculine power and potential together in a safe and sacred space.

We will be also be taking care of our physical bodies with delicious, high vibe plant based food.

Join us for a very unique weekend.

Booking details

When: 5-6 August 2017
Timings: Saturday 10am to 8.30pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm
Where: 42 Acres Shoreditch, 66 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4LW (website)
Price: £175 (including lunch and dinner on Saturday; lunch on Sunday)
For bookings and info:

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About Karam Duc Minh

Born in France and half Vietnamese, half French, Karam has worked as a therapist for more than 20 years. He trained in Gestalt, integrative psycotherapy and systemic therapy in Switzerland after a long stay in Poona, India, where he was introduced to the world of Osho, meditation, and emotional and body oriented therapy. He then explored this integrative approach more intensively with his mentor Veeresh, founder of the Humaniversity, the world-famous international centre for group therapy based in the Netherlands. He gained experience in working in psychosomatic clinics with people in crisis, and worked with adolescents in need of psychotherapeutic support. He is also trained in Somatic Experiencing, a revolutionary and cutting edge approach to trauma healing.

For many years he has led a wide variety of groups, oriented toward the realisation of the unique human potential which lies within each of us. Much of his group work has been with people in crisis.

After co-leading workshops and personal trainings based on Tantra and sacred sexuality in Paris, he started to work in Pacha Mama in Costa Rica, a unique alternative spiritual community where he is now their senior therapist, leading Primal, Tantra, somatic healing oriented groups and the Growing in Love Process.

It is a honour to bring his work to the UK and share his unique and loving approach to healing and self inquiry.

About Ben Sheinwald

Ben is a life coach and trainee biodynamic body psychotherapist. He holds regular retreats with his wife Xochi Balfour. Together, they created Sacred Space as a place for enquiring hearts to come together in a safe and nourishing environment.
He has been assisting Karam for the last three years and is constantly deepening his understanding of the nature of the human emotional landscape and the life-force that is our essence.

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