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New Zealand keeps on producing brilliant natural cosmetics and Living Nature is my latest makeup bag addition. Their luscious lavender-infused mascara, to be precise, has become my new best friend. Since I’m not particularly hot on the idea of smothering my lashes and eyelids in chemicals, a mascara that does the trick and stays put all day via nature’s great bounty is worth shouting about.

New Zealand’s rich and varied plant life, not to mention their famously healing manuka honey, enables its natives to make natural health and beauty products that truly innovate. In my mind, this makes for really exciting times as companies like Antipodes, Trilogy and Comvita provide naturally-minded consumers with high-quality scientific lotions and potions that really, truly work – and provide proper competition for their many chemically-fuelled skin brightening and anti-ageing counterparts. It is so refreshing and inspiring (and fun) to be able to sample and support these visionary companies, whether from New Zealand or elsewhere around the world.

Living Nature has been going since 1987 and was founded by NZ native Suzanna Hall who, like so many natural beauty entrepreneurs, felt inspired to capture the renowned healing powers of her homeland’s wide and varied flora and fauna. They produce a comprehensive range of skincare as well as makeup (pictured above) and operate out of their purpose built Kerkeri factory, which uses only carbon-neutral hydro and wind energy and filtered rainwater, and which you can visit.

Living Nature lipgloss

Reassuringly, aside from being 100% natural, highly ecologically minded and never testing on animals, they are particularly big on purity and safety, with independent safety checks carried out on all their ingredients:  “if there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, we don’t use it.” This is nice to know when we are putting crayon in our eyes and colours on our lips.

How many makeup brands can say the same?

To read more about their philosophy and ingredients and see their natural and eco certifications, visit their site. They are stocked in Wholefoods and other stores in the UK  and a full list can be found here.



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