Lavender, rosewater and jojoba hair shine spray


Sometimes, especially in the city, you just need a little pick me up to keep you feeling ace. It can be a little hit of essential oil, a massive green smoothie, or a spritz of freshness to keep your skin and locks groomed on the move. This neat natural spray covers the latter perfectly, and is so easy to concoct you won’t believe you ever travelled without it. On the subway, aeroplane, bicycle or even just sprawled on the sofa, it is a summertime natural beauty saviour that spritzes new life into everything it touches.

You can play around with essential oils – I use lavender for its calming notes which counter the frenetic energy of the city. It also goes beautifully with the rosewater and feels somehow cooling yet summery… like running through fields in Provence, only not really having to.


Jojoba locks in moisture and is the closest natural oil to our own skin sebum, keeping skin and hair soft but not greasy. There has never been a better reason to ditch your toxic chemical hair oils, get creative and give it a go. Your hair – and skin and summertime lover – will thank you for it.


5ml jojoba oil

45ml water

40ml rose water

10 drops essential oil

100ml container

Small spray bottle

Mix the water and rosewater in a 100ml glass spray bottle, and then add the jojoba and essential oils. Store out of direct sunlighth and shake well before you spray. Step out and shine like an angel.

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