Kale, camargue and egg brunch bowl


Ben has been busy filling his newly glazed hand-thrown bowls with quick and yummy goodness. Enjoy.

This impromptu creation that I once thew together based on what was in the kitchen has fast become a quick, easy and protein packed brunchtime favourite.

And since we always have a wonderful abundance of kale from our weekly organic veg box, it is one of my favourite ways to make good use of it.
The salty tamari and crunchy black sesame add some fresh Asian flavour to the nutty rice and soft egg. It is a zippy little bowl that will keep you full up all day.

Serves 2


4 heads kale, washed and sliced
2 free range or organic eggs
100g camargue rice

Toasted black (or white) sesame seeds
Tamari sauce
Cold-pressed olive, hemp or rapeseed oil

Boil your rice in water with a dash of sea salt for 20 minutes or until tender. During the last few minutes, add your eggs in to boil for 6 minutes for a soft yolk.

Set aside to cool while you steam the kale for one minute until it is dark green but still has some crunch. Season with some oil, pepper and tamari.

Peel your eggs, place rice and kale in two bowls and add an egg to each. Sprinkle with black pepper, toasted sesame seeds and serve.

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