Joolz and the Birth Forest

When we aren’t carrying our baba in his sling (I like Solly and Hana, if you are interested), a good pram is hard to avoid, and choosing one was made beautifully simple when I discovered Joolz: the people who plant a tree in Colombia for every pram they sell. Working with Tree Nation, they have created their own Birth Forest, where their trees grow close to the rainforest  – a baby tree for a baby human, and they can grow up together. They have planted almost six thousand so far and the initiative not only helps fight climate change but also brings sustainable development to the local community. When you register your pram, you receive your own tree planting certificate to keep alongside your little one’s birth certificate. It’s a wonderful initiative and something I think of with love and gratitude every time I set off with ours.

Once too large for our very small babe, who we carry in a sling most of the time, the Geo is now our perfect mobile home for longer adventures, made even nicer with a snuggly liner and lots of blankets, handed down from my mother and sisters, that have kept us all warm for generations. After a long day on the go, I often wish I could climb in and cuddle up next to him.

I also find that I place all our food shopping on top of it while I’m browsing the aisles (occasionally a lemon or avocado will roll in to join Sasha, much to his surprise) and then dump in the bottom, so even if we forget a bag to put it in alongside my Storksak (which happens almost every other time I leave the house), there’s no need for the plastic version which the UK is doing so well to cut down on and phase out. Slowly, slowly, we seem to be getting there.

Beyond their products and the trees they plant, Joolz are a conscious company on the inside as well; based in Amsterdam, their HQ is a sustainably renovated factory with 200 solar panels on the roof and a focus on energy-neutral solutions (they use three greenhouses as their meeting rooms). I enjoy the modesty with which they go about their mission.

In trying to navigate parenthood as consciously as possible, it nourishes a certain part of you when you know your consumer choices support a better vision for the planet and for the way companies do their business; and that you can wheel your little babe up grassy hills, through muddy fields and around every village corner in something made to last not just until next year but for lifetimes of love and adventure.

Boots: Mou

Pram: Joolz Geo

Bag: Storksak

Cherry blossom: Mother Nature <3


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