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Dear friends,

After means years of blogging and sharing my offerings – and soul! – here and on social media, I am excited to share that I am joining Patreon, a membership platform for creatives. I feel it is time for an energy that puts reciprocity at the fore, and I have come to see this is my creative cauldron, our virtual members’ circle where the most intimate and passionate sharings can safely sit alongside some of my favourite ways of working together, of wombstorming, of giving and receiving, of connecting and of bringing ritual to the fore.

There, members will have the opportunity to receive not only exclusive content (and those more intimate, refined sharings) and sacred bundles and goodies, but also to join our online Temple circle, receive regular mentoring sessions, private 1:1 retreats and much more. The support of patrons will also help me to reach certain goals, such as Women’s Temple scholarships, and a move towards a permanent self-sustaining home for this work in my community. 


I will still be sharing here and via the usual portals but this energy of exchange is really strong for me right now and I cannot wait to nurture this more boundaried community with all that I feel coming through. It is my heartfelt ask that if you have ever been deeply touched by what I have offered here or on my other platforms, that you explore the invitation to support it in this way, where we are all co-creating together.

I am eternally grateful for this blog, you the beautiful community, and the many opportunities it has opened up for me. I by no means intend to leave it behind and you will still see sharings here, yet I feel nourished by a space where sharing is a two-way process and not just a one-way shooting of what is often a very personal and soulful arrow out into an increasingly unknown sky…

I look forward to what this year brings us all.

Thank you for your support,

Xochi x

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