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Goa Jiva Healing Retreat

Bridge to the beach from the Goa retreat

On my travels in Costa Rica this winter, aside from finding myself with a brand new Nahuatl name and a moonstone engagement ring on my finger, I met a lovely glowing nutritionist named Rebecca Andrist, who turned out, through a series of shared workshops, journeys and lunches, to become a great friend and inspiration. We jumped deep into some demanding self-inquiry and, in the way us girls do, cemented a friendship that will last forever.

Rebecca is super bright and experienced and runs yoga and detox retreats in various beautiful locations around the globe.  She started her company Jiva Healing together with Melissa Kendall in 2006 and since then their business has spread its healing wings across the globe to include heavenly venues in Turkey, Spain, Goa and the UK.  Rebecca is deeply passionate about healthy (and tasty) food, detoxing, organic skin care, yoga, and how to feel good into your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond… A Naturalista through and through and a beautiful inspiration to know and work with.

jiva healing retreat

She runs two types of retreats:  juice fasts and healthy eating retreats.  Both include daily yoga and nutrition classes.  Rebecca is brilliant at inspiring her guests to go home with a happier and healthier attitude toward self-care and nourishment, teaching clients quick and easy recipes (of which we sampled a fair few yummy creations), personal yoga routines and healthy skin care. Stress reduction is at the top of her list, a passion and priority we both have in common, and she’s all about slowing down and getting people to really understand the importance of the slow food movement.


Winter sun? I hear you cry. Now for the juicy bit: Jiva Healing is offering a discount on their first retreat of 2014.  It’s not too late to start the year as you mean to go on. It’s a Juice Fast and Yoga Retreat that will take place in Mandrem Beach, Goa, from March 1-8 and again from March 8-15.  For anyone booking on with a friend, the second person can join for half price and if you can’t convince a friend to come with you, they’re offering 2 free 90-minute massage treatments during your stay with them.  Here’s the website with more info:  www.jivahealing.com or just write to Rebecca directly at jivahealing@gmail.com and she can tell you all about the different retreats that Jiva has on offer over the upcoming months.

Go and heal for the year ahead and fly under her wing. You won’t regret it; I miss her shiny smile already.


Rebecca (right) with Melissa

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