Homemade natural deodorant

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  1. love this! question – what does the arrowroot do? totes going to try this out.. thank you for sharing lady 🙂

    • Hi Emma, just saw this! The arrowroot absorbs moisture and acts as a natural thickener (some people use clay as an alternative but this is lighter) x

  2. How long does this keep for and can it be stored at room temperature?

    • Hi Angela,
      it keeps for up to six months and in countries like the UK can be stored at room temp, but if you are somewhere very hot it might prefer to be in the fridge x

  3. Charlotte Herd-Smith

    Where do you recommend buying organic Shea butter from?

  4. Hi Xochi

    I’m so glad I found your blog. I’ve recently converted my lifestyle to an all natural, non-toxic, plant based lifestyle after a cancer scare. I’ve done much research into the effect on beauty toxins on the body and it’s horrific what store bought deodorants can do! I’ve recently started using natural deodorant but never though to make my own.

    Thank so much for this beauty recipe. I shall be trying it out this weekend (I’ll tag you in the outcome on Insta 🙂

    Loving the rest of your blog also!

    Love and light
    Sarah x

  5. Hi Xochi,

    Do you have any pot/jar recommendations to store the deodorant? It’s tricky finding something glass that is short and squat enough to get your fingers in there!

    • Hi Lisa! <3
      I often use old jars from the kitchen (Steenbergs Arrowroot seems to be a great size and since it's an ingredient even better...); when i made some batches for friends / sale I ordered some recycled ones online - there are a few good sites with glass options. I also like to keep a look out in second hand shops for random containers... soon enough you stumble onto the perfect one

  6. Hey, really interested in making my 1st ever natural deodorant, I really like your site and recipe.
    However I was looking for a roll on/ stick deodorant.
    Could I use this recipe and put in a roll on bottle or would it not work?
    & what website do you use to source your ingredients?

    • This is more of a creamy paste, so it wouldn’t work in a stick but I have seen some recipes that incorporate beeswax to make it firmer… I shall research 🙂

      I usually use Planet Organic, Wholefoods or Amazon for my ingredients, but I always check for the Soil Association and Fair Trade certifications x

  7. Mila Proudfoot

    Hi Xochi. I was unable to source arrowroot powder. Can I substitute with potato starch?

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