Green super food energy bars


I sort of threw these together last Thursday with ingredients I had in the pantry, hoping it would work based on another recipe from Thrive Foods – looking primarily for a new way to get some green powder goodness beyond heaping it in a smoothie, and also following the realisation that I spend a small fortune on healthy snacks at school and around London in general, and half the time they don’t even taste that good.

These are so simple and good value it’s hard to believe, and you can throw in any super food powder you have – maca, cacao, spirulina, chlorella, acai, lucuma – the possibilities and nutrients are endless. I like to use Naturya for most of my powders – they are a small and friendly company based in Dartmoor and their products are top notch, well sourced and not too crazily priced.  You can get them at most health food stores including Planet Organic and Wholefoods. For these, however, I used up the end of my jar of Kiki Nature’s Living Superfoods for maximum snack-power. It contains all the greens you could ever dream of, without the filler and bulk that so many freeze dried mixes have – spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, burdock root, broccoli, kale, ginger, carob, spinach, kelp, dulse and alfalfa to name but a few. Even if you’re using an expensive powder, it’s cheaper by far than grabbing two or three Nakd bars and you can make then just how you want them. Knowledge is power, and liberation from boring flavours.

Once made, keep these in the fridge until a snack hankering hits.


I cup raw almonds or cashews

1 cup dates (Medjool are best but any will do)

2 tsp superfood powder

2 tbsp hemp seeds

A sprinkle of sea salt

Blend all the ingredients except the hemp seeds in a blender of food processor until the mixture forms a sticky dough – but keep the nut chunks big for texture. Then add the salt and hemp seeds and mix with your hands. If you used normal dates you may need to add a drop or two of water as the packet ones can sometimes be a little dry.

Line a dish or tray with baking parchment, press the mixture firmly into it and place in the fridge for 20 minutes. Then chop into chunks or bars, wrap and return to the fridge until serving- or the freezer if you want to make in bulk and keep them for a while.

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