Goddess Diary #8: Nurturing the Feminine

Ahead of our women’s retreat, The Beauty Way, in August, I am honoured to offer some sharings from Raaji about her own journey with the feminine, the masculine and nurturing our innate creative and intuitive essence as women. Raaji has taught me and many others about the true embodiment of these qualities, and all the potential that it can offer in our lives, and I am so excited to be sharing her work and creating a safe and sacred space in which to dive deep together in the UK this summer.

The artwork is from her upcoming card deck which she is creating. She is also a wonderful musician and I recommend listening to her Soundcloud while you read this, or any time you find yourself in need of some beautiful music medicine.

Enjoy x

I have always been very interested in the principles of male and female qualities in life: in their intriguing attraction and repulsion, their nurturing dance with each other, and the profound completion that we encounter when that dance is allowed, and lived in its abundance.

Our civilised world is experiencing a time in which the male principle is predominantly ruling. Its qualities are goal-oriented, doing, achieving, manifesting; it is active, logical, linear and focused; it represents the sky, the day and the light. While these qualities have brought us things like industrialisation, the ability to live life in great comfort, and a high standard of healthcare, due to its rapid upgrowth and overpopulation in the last century, this principle has also brought us environmental issues like smog, garbage problems and polluted oceans. The stressful, demanding and success-oriented life that many of us live nowadays is an expression of the dominant male polarity.

At this point I probably have to specify that the male principle is not equal to man and the female to women. Each man and woman has both polarities living in them, sometimes one more pronounced than the other. But we as a collective, as a society are driven by male forces and are spinning in a wheel of constantly creating and achieving more and more, striving to do better and be faster. The dance between the two principles has become deeply unbalanced, and in this race against ourselves we have forgotten about the female principle which is intuitive, receptive, creative, resting, nurturing, sensory-based, mystical, connected to earth and her wisdom, to the night and to darkness. In my youth, I was considering to become an activist of some sort to help heal this imbalance; but growing older and wiser I have learned that if we want to change the world we have to change ourselves first. Having been deeply conditioned by the “doing” quality of the male principle myself, I have become a passionate explorer and lover of the expression of the female in me as a woman, in my life and in what surrounds me. I met those qualities in diverse ways ranging from tales and representations of female archetypes, to creating art, and to the several healing modalities and tantra that I have studied and that I now practice.

But ultimately it is not so much about what we do but how we do it. It’s the attitude that counts. It’s an inner space of resting, of embodied presence and still awareness that brings in the female. A climate of relaxation and earthy trust, so we can be more receptive and open to the sensual flow of life, and be informed  by something other than our linear minds. Rather than being a victim of life, managing it or battling against it, life can instead be lived and experienced in all its fullness, its totality and through our senses. The female qualities invite us to turn in and tune into an inner well of strength, abundance,  beauty, radiance and wisdom, a silent intimacy with the moment, a profound and intuitive knowing that is mysteriously interwoven with life and the whole. This allows us to let life force, this vast intelligence, flow through us and express itself in endless flavours. Being in communion with this intelligence, we become informed and moved and often led to the right place at the right time.

I’m not proclaiming the world would be a better place if the female principle would be dominant. By the very nature of existence, world will always be a place of opposites, ever-changing evolution and an unpredictable experiment of duality. I’m merely interested and enriched by the female strength and wisdom, and I believe that nurturing and giving more space to the feminine qualities and finding more balance between the female and male would bring a beautiful, much-needed change and more stability, health and balance to the world of today.

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