Goddess Diary #4: womb medicine with Wolf Sister

I recently connected with Tamara, aka Wolf Sister, through a string of wise and beautiful women; the universe slowly sent our steps closer and closer to one another’s until finally this week I received one of her healing Energy Detox sessions at She’s Lost Control. It was an hour of deep relaxation and receptivity, and much needed amid a time of transition and uncertainty. She is a gentle yet powerful healing presence and her honest and open experience of the womb wisdom she received during her first cacao plant medicine ceremony below gives us a window of insight into an inspiring journey of self-discovery and divine self-appreciation. 

We are very lucky to also receive a meditation that she has downloaded for us – a guided inner journey that you can practise any time, anywhere, to tap into your own female intuition and explore what lies there with a little more presence and awareness. 

Enjoy, sisters…


:: W O M B  M E D I C I N E  ::

On the Spring Equinox, a day that celebrates new beginnings, I went to my first Cacao ceremony. It was my first experience with plant medicine and the first time I’d ever spoken to my womb.

Speaking to your womb may seem like a crazy concept – if I’m totally honest, I wondered what I’d signed up for when I realised the focus of the ceremony. Life had been feeling overwhelming, I was on the brink of burnout and despite a little apprehension, I knew that I was in the right place.

The spring equinox is associated with fertility – creativity, fresh starts and manifestation. To create, flow with life’s cycles and to manifest, we need to be in balance and tune into the wisdom of our body because the body is the conduit to achieving our desires. As a woman, the centre of power for this is your womb.

The sacred ceremony was led by Rebekah Shaman and was a women only circle so that we could fully immerse ourselves in the divine feminine energy.

Ceremonial grade cacao has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures to open the door to healing and transformation. It facilitates an intimate connection, where you are able to really see into yourself with surrender. It’s said that the Cacao Goddess will take you to the water but it’s up to you to drink it. Drop any false pretences, to get the most from your experience. The more real you are in the process, the more that you allow yourself to feel in the rawest and most authentic form, the more that you are able to heal.

Raw cacao is potent with active ingredients that nourish, release endorphins and open the heart. It doesn’t taste like the chocolate that we know and love, cacao in its purest form is rich and bitter. This ceremonial brew was made with cacao, rose and geranium essential oil, mixed with water and a little honey for sweetness.

During the ceremony, we connected and shared our intentions and reflections, holding space for our truths to surface and revelations to be acknowledged. We honoured the Cacao through meditation and journeying to commune with the cacao goddess and our womb.

As soon as I connected with my womb on the journey, I heard the words “you are loved” come from my womb.  My heart instantly cracked wide open. Despite all that I had diligently been transforming in my life, self-love and trusting in the love that I receive was something that I had been unconsciously neglecting. My overwhelm and burnout was being caused by me working too hard and not accepting myself or situation to be enough. I wasn’t allowing things to happen naturally. My passions had all started to feel like hard work. My womb reminded me that inspiration comes from living my joy. Not self-imposed burdens. To be present in every experience and to enjoy it all.

Womb medicine:




These insights were so clear and in the days that followed (which also aligned with a lunar eclipse) I was plunged deep into feeling these lessons and I took my time to integrate this new awareness. At times it felt raw and messy, while my tears dissolved the blockages. I surrendered to the emotions that had been unlocked by the cacao and used my womb’s medicine to guide me through the process. Thanks to the Cacao Goddess it’s been a deep-dive into another level of empowerment and everyday my womb reminds me to trust.

Wolf Sister Guided Meditation

If you would like to connect with your inner wisdom, I have created a meditation for you to create your own sacred space within. You can use this meditation as part of a ritual or your daily self-care routine. It is a tool to journey inward and and I would recommend journalling any insights that you receive from the experience. Journalling helps you to connect and bring to life the messages and helps to bring the magic alive. When you do this meditation regularly, you will be able to build a strong foundation so that you can tune in and really get to hear and trust the messages you receive.
This meditation came to me while I was journeying for this diary and I hope that it blesses you with the guidance that you need, as it has for me. I would love to hear about your experiences with this meditation, feel free to leave me a note on social media or email me at tamara@wolfsister.com to chat about our womb wisdom.


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