Giving up shampoo: my journey so far

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  1. Dear Xochi,

    thank you for your lovely post!
    I have started my no poo journey about 18 months ago, first I tried bicarbonate soda, but it also didn’t work for me. So now I have been washing my hair with organic soaps like marseille or aleppo and an apple cider vinegar rinse for quite some time.
    Today I was finally brave enough to try rye shampoo – it’s stunning! I couldn’t imagine it would really get my head clean, but yes it did!

    Thank you so much!
    x Sophia

  2. Hi Xochi, I tried it but it was a bit challenging to rinse it. It was not sifted… I had some leftovers of the flour on my towel, pillow and sweater… It really needs a lot of water I guess to get it all out? I was also not sure, I was entirely clean on my scalp. Any tips for applying?
    Can you also tell which boar bristle brush you use? Thanks a lot and I wish you all the wonders with your pregnancy! I’m 18 weeks with baby #2 right now 🙂

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