Gaia Conceptions ethical creations

Around my birthday in November I was searching for an ethical clothing collective that could offer something special, precious, original, feminine, simple, ceremonial, everlasting if they could, and that would not cost the planet in the process. I was introduced to the ladies at Gaia Conceptions in the United States and a new love affair opened up. Crafted by hand in a range of organic hemp, cotton and wool fabrics, Gaia pieces are made to order and in this conscious process become so much more than just clothes: they become loving, living companions that will accompany nomads, witches, fairies and goddesses alike on their global journeys wherever they lead them.

The vibrant range of botanical colours is achieved through low-impact (requiring minimal water, free from heavy metals, and toxic fixers) or in many cases natural plant dyes. Using plants including alum mordant, indigo, madder, cochineal, pomegranate and sandal- and quebracho wood, each piece is created in its own unique batch and process and no two are ever alike – just like their wearers. The designs are all customisable in a number of ways: the brand truly honours and celebrates the universal individuality of form that both plants and humans enjoy and I love this about them. Why should we contort ourself into a uniform shape, style or design when we are each our own unique and incomparable flower?

Perhaps the most poignant process for the consumer is the wait for the pieces while they are produced, dyed and dispatched. In these days of speed, quickness and instant gratification in all directions, engaging with a conscious process that cannot be rushed, and is so much richer for it, is a nourishing thing in itself. To feel and enjoy such harmonious fabrics and pieces next to my own skin creates a deeper sense of unity and interconnectedness with both the plants and humans from which they came and there is surely no better way to celebrate the beauty within than with these living cut and sewn stories.

Enjoy x

Butterfly Petal Front Wrap Long Dress in medium hemp / cotton in Fox

Cocoon Belted Cropped Jacket in hemp / cotton fleece in Grey

Scarf by Beshlie McElvie

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