Fennel, radish and avocado summer salad


This is truly a corner shop salad. I made it the other day with some ingredients I liked the look of at my local convenience store (he does sell avocados and fennel so a cut above some) when I was way short on time and too hot to think about a proper lunch. As it happens the combination of crunchy summer flavours was delicious and the high concentration of bitters made me feel refreshed, clean and energised; they stimulate good digestion and their sulphur-based compounds support the liver’s detoxification process, so get them in to your diet every now and then and give it a helping hand.

It was all I wanted for days after, so here it is. Super simple.

Serves 1


1 endive

1/2 large avocado or 1 small one

A handful of radishes

1 fennel (with frondy tops, even better!)

A large handful of salad leaves  – I used rocket, baby spinach and watercress

A good glug of cold-pressed oil (hemp tastes best)

Juice of 1 lemon

Sea salt and pepper to season

Wash all your veggies, chop them and add to the salad leaves in a bowl. Dress with oil, lemon, salt and pepper (adjusting to taste, we all know how we like our salads…) and garnish with the fennel tops. Eat and enjoy…

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