Coffee and honey body scrub


Splayed on a slab of hot marble in nothing but my pants, I recently had a life affirming body scrub from a hulking great Latvian therapist named German, at Banya No. 1 near Old Street. It was something close to a rebirth and the scrub was only one small part of a deeply revitalising whole, involving hot herbs, Russian tea, plunge pools and felt hats… But more of that in the review to come.

For now, since I can’t be scrubbed by German every day (although I am returning with Ben’s whole family next Friday), I wanted to recreate the idea at home and have found happy success with minimal difficulty.

People tend to overcomplicate these age-old treatments with crazy new ingredients, additions and variations, but this is simply two potent natural plant products, combined.

You will be surprised at how effective and efficient they are, and how we have been led to believe for so long that our lotions and potions need to be packed with at least a dozen newly discovered ingredients. It’s not the case.

Coffee is known for its anti-cellulite powers and every lady needs a little help now and then. Combined with rich, healing anti-bacterial honey, the scrub sloughs away the past in no time and its natural oils leave your skin feeling like velvet. It also smells like heaven and means you can legally drink three cafetieres in a row all in the name of recycling.

It doesn’t keep for very long so make it as you use it; which I think is a nice mantra for most things.


1 cup used coffee grinds, dried
2/3 cup firm / cloudy organic honey

Mix, scrub, shine.

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