Coconut, vanilla and cardamom body scrub


Our skin is our biggest organ. And it deserves as much thought and consideration as the rest of our body in terms of what we subject it to. You wouldn’t eat a pot full of chemicals, and nor should you slather one over your precious body – it is too good to you for that.

And while there is a world of sumptuous and inspiring organic skincare out there to help us on our natural cosmetic journey, sometimes whipping up your own is more satisfying, and a lot cheaper. Spending what we do living in the city, I’d rather make my own lotions and potions with ingredients I have sourced with care, and save those extra pennies so I can buy and create as responsibly and freely as I can.

And so, yesterday, feeling creative and noticing my empty salt scrub pot by the bath, I whizzed up a load of coconut oil, vanilla and cardamom, stirred in some sea salt, and made a little pot of heaven. It took five calm minutes and I wallowed in the bath with it all night.

For some things, we need the natural healthcare pros: wrinkles and spots are for greater minds than mine to solve. But for nourishing moisture and some simple self-love, the rich salt from the sea and coconut’s wonder oil are just about all you need. And that is something we are always trying to remind ourselves in these days of more-more-more consumption, from which none of us are free – is it more or less than I really need?

Try this, and see what your body replies.


1 cup organic coconut oil (I use Biona)

2/3 cup sea salt

1 vanilla pod or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (I use the organic paste by Taylor & Colledge)

Seeds from 5 pods of cardamom

With a blender pr pestle and mortar, crush your vanilla and / or cardamom seeds until they are fine. Then add the coconut oil and blend until creamy.

Stir in the salt (you can add less or more according to how you like it) and transfer to a bowl or jar ready to use.

NB – If you live in a  very cold place, you can add a little flavourless oil such a groundnut to the mixture to keep it from setting too solid.

Bath time will never be the same again.

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