Cocoface: pure young coconut goodness


Coconut water is taking over the world. No self-respecting health junkie can do without the occasional hit, and with good reason. Coconuts are full of natural electrolytes and minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and chloride – which are lost during exercise and general frenetic excursion – and they provide a naturally nourishing dose of exactly what we need to replace. They are also high in dietary fiber, enzymes, vitamin C and amino acids, without the calories, hence their rise to fame as a miracle weight-loss aid. My sister Kinvara is convinced that she glows extra bright after a bottle of coconut water. Lipstick and mascara have fallen by the wayside.

The problem with many of the coconut waters on the shelf is that they have more often than not been pasteurised – voiding many of their nutritional benefits – and many are made from concentrate. You also miss out on the juicy flesh which, for me, is a great loss. There is nothing like scooping rich young jelly out of a fresh coconut in a faraway place with the sun on your nose and the sea at your toes to bring a smile to your face.

Now, thanks to Cocoface, you can do just that wherever you like – in the bath, on the bus, wherever floats your boat. No more heat-treated waters, no more diluted concentrate: they give you the real thing, fresh from Thailand, and it is totally world-rockingly delicious. I know because we have done festivals with them and I have hung around their stall like a mad coconut junkie waiting for the next thirsty hit.

cocoface young coconuts

They use the Nam Hom variety, which is known for its sweet fragrant taste, and you can buy them in health food stores, via Ocado or order a case straight to your door. Kids also love them, and they’re low in sugar, which is of course a big bonus. I like to down the juice on the spot and then whack the flesh in a smoothie with some banana, cacao nibs and maca.

A Cocoface day is a good day for sure.


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