Cauliflower couscous with basil oil and smoked wild salmon


Cauliflower may not taste of much but it makes a really easy, fresh and crunchy base for whatever you want to throw on top. I have always used its crumbled florettes for a middle Eastern-inspired cumin couscous, but the other day, with the sun raging and some fresh wild smoked salmon fillets in my fridge, I went with a Mediterranean vibe and kept things simple with basil, pepper and lemon. it was delicious and refreshingly uncomplicated.

The green oil (olive oil bended with basil leaves, salt and a dash of lemon) can be used on almost anything, and is a quick and colourful way to spice up things like potatoes or rice and veggies. You can also freeze it if you need to use up leftover herbs before they pass their best. Always use organic – the nutrients are denser but above all the taste is incomparable.

Serves 2:

1 cauliflower

A bunch of asparagus tips

1 cup basil, washed and tightly packed

1 wild salmon fillet (smoked or plain)

1 lemon

Sea salt

Black pepper

2 cups cold pressed olive or hemp oil

Start by cooking your salmon for 15-20 minutes in a preheated oven at about 180 degrees until it is flaky but not too dry. When it is done, bring it out and leave to cool. Meanwhile, grate your cauliflower florettes into a fine couscous, add a little salt and  a squeeze of lemon juice and set aside. Then steam your asparagus for a minute, run under cold water and leave to cool while you roughly blend your basil with 1.5 cups of oil, the juice of 1/2 lemon and sea salt to taste.

Mix the oil, cauliflower and chopped asparagus with some black pepper and more salt and lemon if needed, then flake the salmon into chunks and run it through before garnishing with some basil leaves and serving immediately.

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